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I have no idea what is available in Argentina, but I wanted to send you hugs and warm wishes for the adventure you are about to undertake.
In addition all of the attachment issues, which you have all stated so eloquently, why isn't that tube thing a strangulation hazard????
DD stands on chairs to help in the kitchen, but when she starts climbing all over the furniture for the thrill, I know it;s time to head to the park.
Hi Lisa, My toddler is the same way. I asked the teacher when her smallest class was meeting and we signed up for that one (it had only 5 children in it instead of the 12). It was a less popular time, but definetly worth it for us.
We absolutely love Music Together-mixed ages, loose structure lots of movement. The only "requirement" for the kids is that they do not run around (and risk hurting younger ones or themselves). Even in the opeoning and closing circle, sitting with the parent is encouraged, but optional for the kids (sometimes they sit with someone else's parent for fun!). But as with anything, I think the teacher makes or breaks the class and we were lucky to find a wonderful one!!!
I should start by saying that the following is my own opinion, not based on any research that I am aware of. It seems to me that with so many children in group care (day care/early school years) at such an early age, there is confusion developing as to what young children are capable of learning, and what they are capable of learning in a group. Certainly, no one would recommend that a daycare class of one year olds try to sit the children down and teach them letters...
My vote is Baby Formula. Especially as it is fed to those least able to object. (With apologies to those who formula fed/feed out of necessity)
I feel children should be given access to educational materials (reading, letters, math manipulatives, numbers, etc, etc) from the time they are old enough to hold them. If they take an interest, then go with it. If they prefer something else, I'd go with that. I think children know what they are ready to learn and are hard wired to seek that knowledge. I think the inefficiency of many schools teaches children that learning is just too hard. I may be mistaken on...
I hear you, I do. I had a wonderful job with on-site day care that was ruined for me by the staff that were assigned to dd's room. This particular daycare had staff follow the children all the way from infancy through pre-school, so there was no escape. I took a leave of absence, found another day care, but in the end, I couldn't leave her again, our experience had been that bad. So I quit my job, but we are in horrible debt. Horrible debt. When dd gets a little...
Dd eats cheese, veggie botty, Veggie chips and sticks, graham crackers with and without peanut butter, and milk. Fatty snacks (like cheese and peanut butter) seem ti stick with her better and we have less night nursing/waking. A friend's children enjoy and ritual peanut butter waffle every night before bed. Be careful about store peanut butter, though, it can have a lot of sugar in it.
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