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Is homeschooling an option?
Our dd is to young to ask yet, but dh is convinced that she won't be getting any "body mutilation" done until she is at least 30!!!!! Now mind you, he has a sister and a cousin who have various tongue/eyebrow/lip/nose piercings in addition to ears... My plan is to wait until she asks and provided she is old enough to understand that it will hurt and she has to keep them clean. DD has dh so wrapped around her little finger, I doubt there will be much protest. As for...
DH used to sneak corn syrup and fruit cake mix (those little candy fruits). He said it was because he was never allowed candy or much of anything sweet. With dd, we have had behavioral problems with even small amounts of sugar (even fruits), so we limit what we have in the house, but when we do have something (like grapes in season) we let her have as much as she wants.
I have worked with children with special needs and their families for years. Also, my mother is disabled. I feel their needs to be a very visable forum to facilitate discussion. Sadly, our society still shuns people with disabilites and discussion is often discouraged. If you read back through many of the posts in this thread and replace the word "disability" or "special needs" with any other minority (racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or whatever) you will see how...
Over protective??? No way!!! Your instincts are always correct and your feelings are always valid when it comes to your child. No one knows her better than you, so you are the expert when it comes to how close a responsible adult needs to be to her to head off trouble. I think everyone has their own area where they are more cautious when it comes to their children's health and safety. For us, germs and no big deal. Falls down stairs or off of play equipment are,...
Sounds like "setting" is much more civilized.
Alexander: could you elaborate more on "streaming" vs "setting"? The components of each, how they are implemented, etc? I'm not familiar with either method (or at least not the terms) and I'm dying of curiosity.
Quote: Originally posted by grisandole The problems run so deep, it isn't just the teachers fault, or even the principals, but the whole darn organization. Public schools simply aren't set up well, the whole system needs to be revamped!!!
My name is Dot.mom. I am a caffiene-a-holic. I have been without caffiene for over 2 years, since I got pregnant. i had been on and off a few times before that, but always fell off the wagon-just one drink would do it. At my worst, I drank over 8 cups of really strong coffee per day. All my thoughts were wrapped up in when adn where my next cup was coming from. Without caffiene, I am happier, have more energy and can devote my time to more appropriate persuits
There was a Barbie thread a while back. there appear to be at least 2 barbie spin-offs which seem less offensive. get Real Girls come with jointed arms and legs and their own sports get-up (they are also more realistically pproportioned). Feral Cheryl lives in the outback, will never have a male counterpart and has rooted pubic hair. http://www.getrealgirl.com/ http://www.feralcheryl.com.au/index.html Good Luck!
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