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Thanks, Alexander.... You just gave me an idea for a new thread "Distruction vs Exploration" I just re-read my post and I didn't mean to be bragging, although I think that's how it sounds.... I am concerned about the interpretation of Domann's work which lead some to believe that rigid implementation of his plan is what he intended. While he is fairly specific in his guidelines for reading, math, encyclopedic knowledge, physical development, etc, he states over...
Wow. I've been out of town for a couple of weeks and what a turn this thread has taken! From looking at the web site i can see where The Gentle Revolution might appear not so gentle if it is interpretted as parents pushing all this at their children without regard to the children's interests. Domann does point out that the children should appear ecstatic throughout and that the younger the child, the easier this all is. I guess it's a little hard to conceptualize...
That type of generalizations and accusations should be brought to the manager of the radio show. They may have sold time to someone without realizing what drivel they were going to air. I would call the manager and tell him/her that you are considering not listening to their station because of the offensive comments made. See what the reaction is.
Isis, you paint such a vividly accururate picture. I'm not sure where to begin. I think so many of us have had similar experiences, but with different details. The questions remain: By trapping children's bodies in school houses as compulsory education currently dictates, can we ever hope to capture their minds? If we could, why would we want to?
I started to study Akikido mostly out of curiosity. I liked the self defense aspect, I liked getting in better shape. I liked the "whole body" aspect (it has less striking and more tumbling/grappling) than say karate. It was a great way to meet people (I met my future husband during a seminar). I'm only 5'2" so it also appealed to me that this might be an advantage.
Aikido is about self defense and using the energy of the attacker against him/her. It is ideal for those who are smaller than average as much of the physics has to do with getting under the other person's center of gravity. There is a very involved philosophy behind it as well. Good Luck! Let us know what you choose!
I think the actual martial art matters less than the quality of the instructor and your comfort level with the attitude of the class. I studied Aikido for years, and I still love it. If I were to start a new martial art, I woudl visit several schools and then pick the one with the instructor and students I liked best.
I think the gov should be responsible for funding education for all, but should be in the business of providing a full array of choices for all learners. I know this is impossible and once the gov funds something, you have, by definition, a lot more limits on potential than otherwise. As stated in the recent issue of Home Schoolong Mag, "there is no free lunch"
IMO in the ideal setting, there would be no delineation btw "intructional time" and "recess". Children would be free to learn by playing and to play while they learn. If there is an imposed recess, then by default instructional time is also being imposed. Even if children do occasionally become so engrossed in their work during instructional time that they forego recess, I am willing to bet it is not all of the children all of the time. Some are falling through the...
I finished our felt board a couple of weeks ago and love it. We're doing farm animals now..dd loves to make the noises. My husband's contribution to this project was to take the two pieces of cardboard and make sure the grain of the corrugation runs perpendicular to each other. he says it's much stronger that way and he says he knows this from making carboard swords when he was little: Thanks for a great idea!!!
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