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Still wondering that at 5, myself.
A LC consultant friend gave me some tips about how to sleep through a night nurse, and I swear it saved the day! DD would just crawl over me and have lunch all night, and I'd wake up with that milky smell all over (but we slept!) I think some nights she may have nursed almost nonstop...especially during the teething time.   ETA: While sometimes I could get DD nursed to sleep around 8, it was more likely to be a little later. Perhaps beginning the nighttime sleep a...
DD and I refer to things like that as "healthy" and "not so healthy", so when I've been lamenting about my rear growing a bit, she'll suggest a little more kale. And when she sees an obese person, she'll say things like "too many cookies there, huh, mom?" or "that lady could use a little spinach"...that sort of thing. I don't want to create an atmosphere that we judge those who are hefty, yet I want her to recognize that hefty does not equal healthy, and there is not a...
It's a great sign that you feel like a complete a-hole for doing it, and it's great that you came to mdc for some ideas. The mere fact that you horrified yourself says that you are capable of some great, loving parenting and are able to recognize when something is not healthy.
I totally feel for you! I've been debt-free for a couple of years and this month did not completely pay off the cc just in case the electric bill is ungodly. It feels terrible!
I'd be more put-off by the Purell, honestly.
Another thought hit me: DD does Girl Scouting and campfire online. I wonder if it's possible to continue Boy Scouts online as well? It's a great concept, but sometimes the experience depends an awful lot on who is running the show in the area too. That way, he can continue earning his way through, but (at least for now) not have to deal with the peer issues. If he sticks with scouting through Eagle, he'll have scouting peers who are not the pick-on types. I've not met...
I think I'm with the Amish on this one, and after reading what the reactions are around the U.S., I'm even more grateful to be living in a community that is not full of fear.
I've been wanting to put together photo/story books for DD using something like shutterfly, but does anyone have a "better" option for something like this? I'm going to be sorting the memento boxes from DDs first year and hopefully walking away with it all digital. (!?) Like, a scrapbook type of thing but mostly for photos and long captions that could be printed as a book?
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