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When it comes to other people's children, I'm concerned that those children live in a safe, secure environment, with caregivers who prioritize the childrens' wellbeing. This includes adequate supervision and ensuring they are not left with people with a history of trying to harm said children. Their choice of conveyance doesn't even ping my radar.
Quote: Originally Posted by StrongBeliever Many of the diseases you state are post-industrial diseases. They came about with the advent of more modern agriculture and "medicine" and food production. I think that people who stuck to their native, whole food, traditional diets were less likely to have these problems. You're using the the Northern Europeans and the Americans in the 18th and 19th century... Big proponents of white flour and white sugar. ...
It must have been the superior diets that kept the average life expectancy in 1880 at around 39 years.
How are you going to manage this case once you have the baby? This child might be better off being represented by someone who can comfortably make the drive to meet with them and possibly their care team.
Seems to me, that as a grown-up, he should be the one to determine what he does and does not consume.
I cannot believe this is even a question. Exposing dozens of people without their consent for the sake of a sack of candy is incredibly selfish and entitled behavior.
Quote: Originally Posted by caro113 I know this sounds terrible, but whenever I'm at a store and see a little child wandering by himself bc his parents couldn't be bothered to watch him, I also secretly hope he goes somewhere safe for an hour or two so the parents will worry and be scared and think "maybe I should watch my child once in a while". I see it happen all to often. Once I was in a store and the parents were at one end and I saw their child all...
Quote: Originally Posted by Talula Fairie Regarding the question about how to get someone checked into the mental hospital: I find that the easiest way when I've needed help RIGHTNOW is to just go to the nearest ER and tell them you're suicidal. Your insurance company likely has a protocol for where to send you. An evaluator will show up, decide if you really need to go, then you get transferred there via ambulance. This can be expensive, however,...
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. I was already taking an SSRI, and the psychiatrist has prescribed Strattera for the ADHD. When she did so, she made sure to tell me about many possible interactions with supplements and the drugs. In my case, there are considerations in taking things that seem as elemental as vitamin E and omega oils. Personally, I'm more inclined to look to her vast store of knowledge than I am to look to the label of a supplement bottle as...
Since you are stil married and living together, I think proving a stalking case would be very difficult. However, keep a record of all this stuff to possibly present once you start legal proceedings. It won't make him look good, that's for sure. And absolutely get a lock.
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