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Rainbow Light makes a supplement called Prenatal Energizer, mostly just some greens. I took it during the first couple of months when I really needed it, and it seemed to work somewhat. Also Yerba Mate tea is doing some wonders for me... Good luck.
Hi, just wanted to join the club. Screen Name: MAracita, real name Mara, due date Aug. 11, 3rd pregnancy, 2nd child, did not want to find out, planning another home birth. Thanks!
Hi, Thanks so much for your reply. I was really hoping he wasn't going to wean as I think Tandem Nursing would be a nice thing to get him more bonded with the new baby. So, thanks for giving me hope. He sure still likes it very much, and I do keep a cup of water nearby too as he does seem to get thirsty during nursing sometimes. My brother once told me that colostrum is harmfull for toddlers, that he saw something on TV - I can not imagine. Also that nursing during...
Hi everyone, I am now 23 wks pregnant, my 2.6 year old still nurses but only once or twice a day, sometimes only on one side at a time, usually after getting up and just before bed. I tried to express some milk to see if I had any left, but out came something clear. Could it be colostrum already? Also, is there any chance that if he weans himself and with no milk left that he will pick up nursing again after the baby is born or will he forget all about latching on?...
My ds (2.5) started saying he wanted to go to school a lot until I found out that he thought all they did in school was to play baseball and other ballgames. Now I don't worry so much about it. Even I have been asked why my ds is not in school when we went out for lunch once. I was stunned and only said, well, he's only 2.
Hi everyone, I am very new to the subject of homeschooling but am planning on homeschooling my 2 y.o. and new baby. My 13 y.o. stepson is in Middle school and is totally bored with it. He is bright but also very moody, gets angry and upset at all kinds of things and puts on the 'I don't care about anything' attitude. He seems to be in a lot better mood during vacation time. Also, he is sick a lot, or just does not want to go to school that much. His school is calling...
I was vegan too before becoming pregnant with my first. I craved fish but only gave in to it once secretly. I do regret that now. My son totally loves fresh fish and also chicken and turkey. He also likes tofu and alternative stuff so I try to vary a lot. I started eating fish as well when separated from my then vegan husband. Now with my second pregnancy I can not stand the thought of fish or meat. I totally follow the babies lead this times. So far I am craving radishes...
Oh, this is so good to read. I have had the nursing ickies too since I got pregnant and I was so sad. I do continue nursing, but it just drives me nuts sometimes. Especially the playing around part... I am 21 weeks pregnant and I am just praying that will go away when the baby comes too, it is good to hear that this could happen.
This sounds so familiar. I had an ex-dh who is a musician but was never too motivated to work. We separated when ds was 9 mo. old. It was hard but also the best thing. I had more energy for myself and for my ds not always having to worry about him too. Take care of yourself because your child will need you. Do what is right for you and her, and if he is good, he will come around and do his part. I wish I had more time to write... all the best to you.
Go to Guidecraft.com, look for the number (can not find it right now) and ask for the plywood version. Looks almost the same as the other and it is great! We put it together last night and me son was on it for hours this morning helping me bake bread, wash dishes etc. Have fun!
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