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Thanks traceface, Sorry for the late reply, been very busy. I think I'm gonna use tomorrow to decompress. Still haven't had a day since I last posted here (my sister has been sick for the past few days). My father has the kids now, so I may go get a mani and pedi right across the street from the office. Thanks again!
Sounds veeerrrryyy familiar. I don't have any advice, but I really do want to say "hang in there." Well perhaps, I do have advice. Talk with her and let her know how you feel, but still maintain your space. Especially since you know how she really feels. And then just concentrate on working on getting the heck outta there.
I can so relate to this feeling. The scariest thing is not knowing what's going to happen next. I think we can maybe solve this with thorough planning. Just sit aside the emotions for a couple of hours a day, write stuff down, then go back to crying. You'll make it Mama. We all will.
And I know it's destroying my life.... I feel like a hot mess. Every decision I make, I doubt myself. When I walked away (well flew actually, from WA to MI) from STBX with the kids, I was unsure. When I moved into my father's home with my babies, I was unsure. But it didn't work out, because we have never "meshed well", but he extended the help when I needed it. I feel guilty because perhaps I should have swallowed my pride, but I know our relationship isn't...
Thanks everyone! I do feel a lot better now. Been absent for a minute because of single mommyhood. Next time I will most definitely point out what exactly he/she is doing instead of just cursing (not a good look at all in my eyes).
Mine are almost there. I started them at the same time. But they've pretty much developed on the same timeline, with a couple weeks here and there between changes... Keep in mind, I have no clue what I'm doing, but so far it's working. lol
Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while, because I think I was literally going crazy for a minute. I feel a lot better. But I still have some residual anger. I blew up on a guy at a house party this past week. I was there with a male friend, and this creepy guy was supposed to be his friend. The guy kept making sexual comments and staring me down. I told him once that found him to be very rude and disrespectful. He apologized. But it didn't end...
Hey everyone, I'm just returning to the board after a long hiatus. Had to take care of my babies, myself, leave a relationship, and grow up some too. Glad to be back.... Peace
Thanks so very much for this forum. I need to be around this diversity. From first appearances, my family looks like an African-American family. My husband is biracial, we are not sure exactly what heritage his mother has, and his father is African-American (probably mixed with a host of backgrounds also). My mother is a myriad of of cultures, African, Dutch, Creole, she tells us. She's a mysterious woman, I don't know much about her. My father is Ghanaian. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by oetien This is more polite, but almost as racist. Quote: Originally Posted by YummyYarnAddict There's a difference between having a higher BMI and being "fatter". Blacks DO tend to have a higher BMI because our bones are denser, and therefore heavier, so all other things being equal about our frames (i.e., amt of fat and muscle), we would weigh more and have a higher BMI than out counterparts of...
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