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I can see my dd in some many of the characteristics described here. Thank you everyone for the ideas and, thank you OP for posting this. It has been immensely helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by PikkuMyy There are meds for anxiety, which is very often the cause of selective mutism, but most children do not get it. I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that most children to not get meds for selective mutism. I took my 7 year old dd to her neurologist last week to discuss her latest eeg results (she has epilepsy) and her neuro is referring her for a neuro/psych eval for selective mutism. He said...
Thank you for the information, Kristine233.
Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole Village Idiot, thanks for thinking of us. And also for your awesome name, which made me snort. Awe, you're welcome! Thank you for the compliment on my name. And I love it when I make people snort. And I know what it is like to give meds to your child to see if that rules out the problem. When do you expect to hear back from the neuro? And when is the MRI scheduled?
Quote: Originally Posted by princesstutu I think something that's kinda dangerous to the well-being of little girls is to negatively judge them for being "too girly". How can one be too much of a girl? If a girl likes stereotypically girl things (such as the color pink and sparkly stuff and being a princess), that's okay. Us making a big deal about it (even if only mentally) is tantamount to feminists claiming sahms set back the movement. We are...
I have always had very small breasts. They got smaller and floppier as I had children and just from gravity too, I guess. lol I can't remember ever having a comfortable bra. I have some sports bras but they ride up some. I love being braless. My main concern is making other mamas uncomfortable. I don't pay any attention to men, probably because I don't think they are looking at me with two children trailing me everywhere. I just don't want the mamas getting...
What did you decide to do about this?
Quote: Originally Posted by VroomieMama Thank you for your posts ppers. I'm hoping to find something that can fit in my sociology field. Wish me luck. were you able to find anything in the sociology field?
I'm looking into working online and most of the companies seem to use paypal to pay their people. I don't really want to have to pay fees on the money I receive through paypal and be responsible for paying taxes on my earnings. That just seems like I'm losing out twice, yk? I totally get that I need to pay taxes on my earnings but is there some way to avoid the paypal fees?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kinguk Amen sista! I have been cleaning for the past two months, have regular clients -- one is on vacation and another is only once per month. I have been spending so much time on advertising, stressing out, being broke, then fine...then broke again. I have decided to go with a cleaning company instead just so I can go to work, go home and not have to spend my off time thinking about it. It's $3 less per hour, but I will...
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