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The excitement of brother and brother to be...
Hi, We are in lower Bucks County and are expecting in early February. Does anyone know of a no-vac. pediatrician in the area? (Yardley, Newtown, New Hope, etc...) Thanks!
i am a new mom of a beautiful 1 week old boy. i try to nurse him as much as i can in the bed, but it is a little hard. the thing is that when he does nurse, he falls right asleep. i know i am supossed to burp him afterwards, but it wakes him up and then we have to start all over again. what should i do? do i HAVE to burp him? what's the worst that can happen if i don't?
Hi, I am due in 4 weeks. I am a poet, perfomer, and educator. I will be teaching many workshops after my baby is born. I will try to take him with me, but also want to explore the option of leaving him with my husband. So...my workshops are only 3 hours long, but I want to provide our baby with food in case he gets hungry. Do I need a breast pump? If so, which one?
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