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Maybe she'll feel differently once she actually realizes what's happening and what she's losing. Here's to hoping that she gains a bit of compassion.
Or how about this reason: You've researched and weighed your options and you are making the best informed decision for yourself. Not everything people do that we don't agree with is because they are misinformed or downright dumb.
I love weeds. Keep watching it's disturbingly fun.
With baby doll hands....it was so funny I couldn't even breathe!!! Anyone see it? It was so so wrong and funny!!
I watched it Friday night. I was pretty amused - for Friday night TV I thought it was pretty entertaining. It has been pretty dark on Friday nights for a while with all of the Law and Order stuff. The pubic hair stuff was pretty darned funny.
AWWWWW! Beautifuuullll!!!! Happy Birthday!!
Sperry Topsiders. Espadrilles. Dr. Schoalls. Penny Loafers. Tretorn. Keds.
I woke up earlier than everyone else in the house that morning. I was standing in the kitchen thinking how weirdly quiet the world seemed. (We lived in Santa Fe New Mexico.) Then I swear I heard a voice say, "You should turn on the news." something I never did at that time. I saw the first tower on fire and watched the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower. My husband woke up and called his dad and told him to turn on the tv. THen I called my Egyption friend living in LA, I...
I quite agree with Meggles on this one. Though with the strong kavet that September 11th in NYC is really an innappropriate time and place to voice that opinion. It's not a political day for New Yorkers - it's a day of mourning and rememberance. That should be respected by the "nerdy conspiracy theorists" as well as campaigning politicians.
I would be irritated and as pp's have said would probably avoid going out with him again any time soon. What is so friggin difficult about saying "We would love to treat you for your birthday dinner - but money is still tight. So, if we end up going somewhere expensive it would be best for us if we just went dutch." That would say to me that spending time with you on your birthday was the priority - not who could afford what.
New Posts  All Forums: