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There's one on the gluten free goddess blog that I make. Im not able to link it for you right now, sorry.
I like the earth balance buttery spread. Not exactly TF, lol, but you might like it. It tastes and acts like butter.
There's a good one one the gluten free goddess blog. I change it up some, I use coconut milk instead of hemp, and coconut oil instead of olive, sorghum flour instead of whatever she calls for. Maybe not what you are looking for, but I like it well enough.
what math program/curriculum did you use with it? my kids are 5.5, will be 6 this fall.
thank you! no, really. thank you. i am so fired up about using fiar now. i'd just been looking into it, and came here to look some more, saw your post and folllowed the links. i'm excited, finally!
Glad you are seeing improvements! Keep up the good work! I was going to tell you about the yahoo group 'very young kids teeth', but I see someone else mentioned it. I urge you to join. Here's my happy dentist story, maybe you or someone else can get something out of it- Last august we took our kids (then 4.5, 4.5, and 20 mo) to the dentist for the first time. Micah, 4.5, had a molar with visible decay, not just on the surface, but like a crater on the side and top. We...
My youngest was the same way. He ate little bits here and there, but was basically subsisting on milk. Around 15? Months he started eating dinner, and then right around his 2nd bday he really started eating. He's 2.5 on Saturday and is still nursing pretty frequently, but is also eating a decent amount of food. As much as 2 yo eat anyway!
I recently realized of all the parenting type books I've read (in whole or part, lol)- I haven't read any about twins! I'm sure there are plenty out there, but I trust mdc mamas to tell me which ones are worth the time. What do you like?
Thanks. I ended up asking a nurse friend (who's dh is also a nurse) if she would help me. It was great- we went over their house and they had lidocaine cream and a currette (sp?) and her dh and I were able to get it out! Avoided all the drama and stress altogether! And no mention of tetanus at all.
My 5.5 yo has a splinter imbedded in his heel. I cant get it out bc he cant stop pulling away/squirming. Its fairly deep and not sticking out any. So. What kind of scare tactics can I expect about tetanus? My kids are completely vaccine free. We are relatively new to this dr's practice, and while she is ok with us opting out of vaccines, I'm afraid she might push a dtap on us for this splinter. I'll say no, but just want to be as prepared as I can for what she might throw...
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