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kate was my mw for my last birth. i originally had planned a UC, but felt 'called' if you will, to find a mw. she was a great fit for me/us, very laid back, but would have been as hands on as i had wanted. when my baby got 'stuck' coming out, she hopped right in the pool and popped him out! :)    she as very easy to be with.
how to be safe and warm in car seats: http://carseatsmadeeasy.blogspot.com/2010/12/keeping-warm-and-safe-in-winter.html?spref=fb
i've been thinking about this too. my boys are VERY interested in learning languages. they are making up their own in addition to using the little bits of spanish i (and diego, lol) have taught them. i'm not fluent, or even close to it, but i'd love for them to learn, now, when they want to and their brains are able to grasp it so easily. i have been toying with the idea of finding someone who speaks spanish and seeing about trading a meal or something for some lessons...
just for the coming week, but here's what i've got:   "game face" fish tacos (from the mdc newsletter) cottage pie, salad, fruit veg soup, salad, bread hamburgers, fries, coleslaw sesame chicken, rice, broccoli brazilian beans and rice (thanks spuglyroo, got that off your blog!) leftovers/kids choice/takeout
did she mention what benefit your son would have with being heavier? its clear that you are taking good care of him, so that's not a concern, which leaves us wondering WHAT the problem actually IS. will he be healthier if he's 2 pounds heavier? happier? smarter? he's nursing and eating what interests him from the healthy options you are offering. sounds prefect to me.  
a friend of a friend, lol, is looking for a care provider who is supportive of vaginal twin birth. the one she is with now is, sort of, but she just found out both babies have to be vertex. she's had a c-section and a vbac, both at 35 weeks. she is around 18 weeks now and looking for someone more supportive.   any suggestions?
when they were weaned, at around 2.5 years. though at 5, one still gets up in the night to come to the big bed with me, dh and baby brother.    sorry, i know that is discouraging. i don't know how we survive the first year, i really don't! BUT WE DO! and so will you.
researched homebirth of twins and attended LLL meetings when i was pg. those 2 things would have changed everything for me.
there is a yahoo group called 'very young kids teeth', i think i got the link from here on mdc actually. there is a dentist that is very active on there, and as a group, it is very child-friendly, and pro-bfing. i *highly* recommend you check it out.   http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/veryyoungkidsteeth/
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