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oh my gosh, i know what one you are talking about, but ugh! can't remember the name of it!!
Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly_mommy Ironing is the key to nice looking sewing projects! I would love to hear about past hand inspired ornaments. Me too!
Fantastic!!! What a wonderful feeling, I'm sure! I half want to go back to school so I can do papers and presentations on genital integrity and circ.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama2Elia WE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the cd and listen to it often. It's one of the few 'children's music' cd's I can stand for more than 1 minute. good to know! i know what you mean!
Quote: Originally Posted by WednesdayO I have purchased a few songs from the CD through iTunes and my turned-6-today-year-old loves it. We can go for long periods of time without listening to it and she still sings the songs. Though I know that recorded music isn't really Waldorfy... We also enjoy Rachel Buchman and Sarah Pirtle, which also came from iTunes. thank you! i hadnt even thought about itunes. good call.
i'm shopping and came across this book, gateways, and this CD, come follow me, and wondered if anyone had any input/experience with either. i'd like to start adding some music and rhythm to our days but seriously don't know where to start. thanks for any info you can give me.
Preggie- I LOVED that! Thanks for taking the time to post!
Fwiw, I agree with you (OP) that the information needs to be made available to her. Hearing that (inducing at 36 weeks as standard procedure) would eat at me, knowing it was most likely unnecessary and could lead to any number of difficulties. Could you start a private convo with her, just ask her how she feels about the induction, worries or concerns she may have? Might be a good way of introducing the idea that she does in fact have options, and why it might benefit...
Not currently pg, but I was 5 years ago. my thoughts on pg women getting a flu shot are this: I feel it's a dangerous thing to do. It is not known how the ingredients in vaccines effect developing brains, and it's not worth the risk for me. I stick with washing my hands and eating well. There are lots of natural immune support supplements available, which I would (or do, rather) use when I feel it's needed. My 2 cents.
thank you very much.
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