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Quote: Originally Posted by mi.birthdoula Yep, it was the one in Flint. Did I see you there? Yes, that dad pretty much made my day when he said that! It really bolstered my resolve to talk for the rest of the day about it. I think I actually spent more time trying to educate people on the issue then I did trying to get doula clients. Which is maybe for the best since my dh and I have decided now is the time for me to start looking for a midwife to...
Was this in flint??? ETA: Sorry, forgot to say I was nearly in tears (of joy!!) at your story! I loved when the dad said take those bc we have aclot of reading to do! wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you for doing it.
I didn't expect so many replies! Awesome! So it sounds like foreskin isn't likely a factor, which I kind if thought, but like I said I'd heard (er, read) that someone thought it was for her situation and wondered about a broader population. Quote: Originally Posted by Friday13th DH is intact and I had one, back when we were young and I wasn't as religious about peeing after sex. (back before nursing babies, when we did have sex) boy I...
Do YOU get UTIs? I swear I read anectodal evidence that female partners of intact men get fewer UTI. Wondering how it's played out for others. My dh is circd and I woke up with a uti this morning (yes, I peed, lol) and it got me thinking.
Keeping my fingers crossed for him.
Just wanted to sympathize with the anger you feel. I'm like that too with the pitch my son screams at. He's nearly 5, but he's always had this pitch to his screams that just flip a switch in my brain! I don't know if a 12 mo can stop him/herself from screaming, but it might help you if your first reaction is to step outside for a sec to collect yourself. I've started doing that and it helps.
We have to snuggle with our nearly 5yos until one or both of them are asleep or nearly asleep. They are like your son- when tired they become more active in an effort to stay awake. Maddening at times, but it's so nice too. I try and remember they will not always need or want their mom and dad snuggling with them and to savor these moments. It's a nice way to end the day.
lol, that's great! he knew he was busted!!
great news! i've been following your story and was wondering if you had come to an agreement yet. fantastic!
My 4 yo and I made a contract. It got to the point where he Was having leaking accidents several times a day. So I told him he had to sit on the potty everyday. I didn't care if he went or not, but he had to sit. I asked him what time of day he wanted to do it, and for how long. He chose after breakfast for 4 mins. I wrote it out and we both signed it. He chose where he wanted to keep it (one the fridge). We had a few grumbles in the beginning but I just said "look, see?...
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