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Hello there I really like this one:  http://www.circumcision.org/  I think it is nicely organized.   Take care!
Happy happy Gavin Lewis <3
My commando little drummer boy Gavin Lewis <3
  Obviously not ALL lol, don`t be silly.  I just find it ironic ( in a horribly bad way) that a doctor who makes his living cutting little boys penis` is being charged with sexual assault of a minor.
This is a link to an article about a doctor in Hamilton, Ontario who runs "The Circumcision Center" http://www.thespec.com/news/crime/article/320682--34-more-sex-charges-against-pediatrician   As more docs and hospitals are refusing to provide this "service" more of these types of "businesses" are popping up.   This guy claimed to offer the "Best value for circumcisions in Ontario"  Wonder...
This is all we have needed to treat any issues: http://well.ca/products/canus-lil-goats-milk-40-zinc_8814.html  Best part is you can use it on their butts too :)   Take care!
Don't circumcise?   http://mothering.com/health/circumcision
Hi there!  Both of my guys had this from time to time.  In our experience, it was just the foreskin doing its job, protecting the sensitive glans from irritation.  What helped for us was some naked time, baking soda baths and occasionally a dab of zinc diaper cream.  We liked the Li'l Goats Milk kind: http://www.caprina.com/canada/en/products/lilGoat/lilGoat_zinc.html   Good Luck! Tara
Warning, disturbing images! http://www.drmomma.org/2011/08/intact-or-circumcised-significant.html   I love her blog.....check out her other entries as well.....very informative!   Take care!
I live in St.Catharines, Ontario (Near Niagara Falls)  and unfortunately they do offer this "service" in hospital here.  When I had my boys, 2001, 2004, it cost 250 if you did it before you were discharged and 275 if you made an appointment to have it done as an outpatient procedure (talk about incentive to get it done before you leave )    Most boys are left intact here, but there are still far too many being cut (any are too many, but YKWIM)  including my own...
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