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that sounds like perfectly reasonable behavior at that age. In the first few eyars it's very normal for children to prefer mama, especially when they feel (for whatever reason) like they cannot have constant contact with her. It will pass, don't worry.
yes call poison control, they are great and non judgmental. Please let us know when there's an update. Hoping dd is fine! I do daycare in my home and I'm scared sh!tless of how many plants with such tasty looking poisonous berries will grow up out of nowhere. And kids just LOVE berries!
Quote: Originally Posted by jeanine123 Why do they deserve it but the guy working at the gas station doesn't? Or the cashier or stock person at Target? I'd be willing to be that they're all making about the same amount per hour. How about the people who keep places like Target clean? They're likely making the same too or maybe less, yet they're providing us with a clean store to shop in. Why does one segment of employees "deserve it" when others who...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola It's too bad convenience store workers and fast food employees don't get to have tip jars. Indeed it is. I wish more places had tips. A tip jar is such a simple and great way to show your appreciation, help people make a little more money at a job that pays poorly without raising prices. People are free to give what they can. I think that's beautiful, but sad when people ignore it.
Quote: Originally Posted by crl I sometimes throw my change in there. But I don't feel especially obligated to. As far as I know they are all getting at least minimum wage (unlike wait staff in many places) and usually all they've done for me is pull a muffin off a shelf, put it in a bag and taken my money. Lots of people do jobs that are way less pleasant for rather low pay (for example, cleaning the restrooms at the park) and I don't go around...
I suppose if I'm getting a $1.50 coffee than I would just give the coins. But if my order is a smoothie and a cookie, than at least a dollar. I mean, if I'm at a bar it'd be rude to leave any less than $2 a beer, so if I'm at a coffee shop, especially if I'll be staying, under $2 for my whole order seems like nothing. They deserve it, and what's 1 less buck to me, really? (and I don't really have it, but c'mon, it's a dollar!)
It just occured to me the other day while bringing my take-out into the house that I could tip. I had just never thought of it. So, from now on, yes, I will always tip a little, but no 20% or anything, just a buck or so.
wow, really? I ALWAYS at the very least put my coin change in the jar, but usually a dollar plus the coins. These people are trying to make a living doing a not very fun or rewarding job for very little money.
wow it's sad when people don't take their children's safety seriously
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g My son loves whole milk and has ever since he was 1. He is also not diabetic or even remotely overweight. JSYK. The studies show that milk consumption before the age of 5 is linked to weight problems and diabetes later in life. That said, certainly not 100% of people who drank milk as a kid will have those problems. Thing is, you just don't know who will and who won't till it's too late.
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