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I'm in the LS area as well and we see Dr Killen.  We saw Greenwood once and he was great, but just way too far of a drive.     For urgent care we've gone to the Emergent Care off of 291 north near Lakewood - both of the docs we've seen there have been great as well.  We're a no-vax, intact, toddler-nursing family. :)
I wonder if it could be strep?
Both of my kids had mono when they were 1 and 3. We had them tested primarily because their glands were so swollen. I would say they were a little more tired than usual with the illness and maybe a week to two afterwards. But nothing like when a teenager gets mono.
Have you had your child tested for celiac or gliadin antibodies? Just curious with the wheat and rye listed as allergies. It seems to me that she shouldn't be eating anything that she is allergic to whatsoever - I can't imagine trying to just cover up the symptoms with meds. Possible grains: rice, quinoa, corn? beans and legumes okay? if you could do rice and beans that would be an excellent source of protein. I eat a corn and quinoa spaghetti that is excellent. ...
That sounds like a typical mosquito bite for me. For some reason they also tend to be more reactive near my joints. As long as it doesn't seem infected I wouldn't be concerned, for myself. To the PP with one that is swollen, hot, and red - that sounds more like a spider bite or an infection.
I'm not sure if that was a food reaction...but I'd want to get him checked out. Probably not at A&E. I'd be concerned about a sudden falling asleep like that as a possiblity of seizure activity.
bump for updates. ooh now I'm a senior member!
We've got soy & egg (DS), gluten & shellfish (me) and peanut/tree nut (DD). Other than packing as many snacks as we can, what I learned to do is map our route and see what food options there will be. Once I do that I search their websites for allergen information sheets. Either print those out or save them on your computer/handheld to conveniently access them in the car.
Did you get overheated/dehydrated at the zoo? It could be heat exhaustion.
Could be something like roseola.
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