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Hi! My DD is 16 months old and in a week I am starting back at work out of home for the 1st time. I would like to do a simple ritual with her to magically transition us into this new stage, which brings both excitement and grief for both of us. Something to honor our connection, and protect us when we are apart. If you have done something like this and have any suggestions, please share!
I want to buy a crib for my 1 year old, but I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the info in the recalls. I can't afford new and have to find one on craigslist. Does anyone know some names of common models that HAVEN'T been recalled? Or which companies are supplying fix kits for which models? Thanks for sharing your research so I don't have to reinvent the wheel here!
I'm having this same dilemma, and honestly our family can't afford to buy a house full of those awesome but pricey window guards. If anyone has found a cheaper solution, chime in!
thanks for your kind reply! she IS nursing while she's asleep... during naps and at night (while we cosleep). i am worried about her getting enough food/hydration. we will be trying lots of skin to skin and warm baths today!
my DD just started a nursing strike about a day and a half ago... she's teething pretty badly but i'm pretty sure the strike is my fault, for involuntarily screaming 2-3 times when she bit me hard in the last few days, which generally upset her. i'm feeling terrible about it and, of course, super scared that she won't start nursing again. she is 10 months old but still uninterested in solids, so her only source of food is breastmilk, making it even more stressful. ...
my dd has hated the car seat since she was born... and the stroller... and babywearing. she's now 10 months old and nothing has really changed, in fact she now cries so hard in the car that she makes herself throw up. ugh, it's a nightmare. i too am hoping that facing her forward in a few months will help, but i am not betting on it, since she doens't like the stroller. i hate not being able to leave the house very much, because i get tired of being stuck inside with...
hi everyone, i admit i haven't read all 9 pages of this thread! i am a 28 year old mama of a 9 month old who has chronic pain. i coedit a zine called "when language runs dry", a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies. i am doing research for an article about parenting with chronic pain. if anyone can recommend any fave books, blogs, articles etc on this topic i would love to hear them! thanks
Ditto to so much people here are saying: this is just like my DD, who is 9months old and a terrible sleeper and napper. She still wakes every 45 min, and usually has 1-2 times a night for over an hour, doesn't want to nurse, too wiggly to get back to sleep. We co-sleep full time. I'm thinking of letter papa take her into the other room for the first 4 hours she wakes (especially since she doesn't want to nurse anyway) so I can try to get sleep during that time and...
Hi mamas, I am looking for resources for parenting with chronic pain. I co-edit a zine called When Language Runs Dry: A Zine for People with Chronic Pain and Their Allies, and I want to write an article on parenting with chronic pain (my DD is 9 mos). If anyone knows any books/blogs/articles on this topic, I would love to hear about them! Also just excited to connect with others on the challenges of parenting with chronic pain. xo claire
thanks for this thread! my DD is 7.5 months and has not swallowed a bite of food yet. we've only tried purees so far. glad to see that's totally common! at what age could i start to give her some not mushy stuff w/o her choking, and what foods would y'all suggest? btw, i'm trying to avoid wheat until she's older, so anything besides that would be a welcome idea.
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