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I'm a new CBE, although I have taught hospital classes, just working on developing my own curriculum.  I want to make sure I understand what students really LOVE about their childbirth classes.  Would you seasoned CBEs be willing to share the segments of your class that students say is most illuminating, practical or fun?   Thanks so much, Amy
I should have added that we already have our daughter enrolled in a preschool in the Silver Spring area so we don't want to go to far afield (say, northern Va) for commuting back and forth to preschool. Thanks!
We just got back from a apartment/house hunting trip in Silver Spring and Takoma Park. We lived there just three years ago and own a small one bedroom condo in downtown SS. So we weren't completely surprised to find that on a salary of just over 100,000 we're not going to be able to afford a two bedroom house in these close-in neighborhoods. We're comfortable with fixer-uppers but we want a strong community and good schools (our oldest is just three now). We've...
Hi there: My husband and I found out last week we'll be heading back to DC (we just left three years ago) in August. My almost three year old LOVES her preschool in Atlanta (church based but light on religion, play-based and three mornings a week) and I know it's going to be an uphill battle finding something with openings in DC. Anybody have any leads? Thanks!
I delivered a month ago and it was fantastic! The nursing staff was really fantastic and everyone seemingly went out of their way to make sure we had the best experience possible. I'd send all my friends to Intown Midwifery and AMC. Word of warning: pack your own meals, the food at AMC is bad, bad, bad!
Have you tried applying ice packs to your back? It may comfort your pain but babies don't like the sensation on the back of their heads and may turn to get more comfortable. That was one of the tips my doula trainer suggested, at any rate!
If any of you Atlanta area folks are interested in finding out more about Intown Midwifery, the new midwifery practice at Atlanta Medical Center, stop by the hospital conference room (next to the hospital cafeteria, there will be signs directing you) tonight. The gathering begins at 7pm and you'll have a chance to ask Margaret Strickhouser and others all your most pressing questions. A hospital tour will follow.
FWIW, I don't go to East Lake either, primiary because I wasn't crazy about the childcare. But the folks at DDYMCA are fantastic!
Really? I love the folks at the Decatur-Deklab YMCA. If you wouldn't mind, could you PM with more info on your feelings about the playcenter? My daughter has been going there for two years and I think they are far and away the best gym daycare folks I've ever seen. Just curious as to what your experience was. Thanks!
I've heard good things about cold cabbbage placed on top of pads. Cabbage is often used to dry up milk but I've heard it's just as effective at reducing inflamation in the lady parts. I'm planning on packing some for the hospital (I'm sure the nurses have seen stranger things...then again, maybe not!).
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