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I use this line all the time. Unfortunatley it offends some FFers. Its entirely true though.
I've done it, and my baby has nursed from a friend. I have also shared my EBM with several midwife friends before their milk came in (and their babies were compromised) and used EBM of another friend for my own sick baby.
Yes it most certainly can happen, even though its rather rare. Had it been a homebirth I would hope the midwife would trust the mothers intuition enough to agree that something was not right, coupled with the heart tones not being reassuring that they would have transported in.
I love Maggie Banks. Especially her work on breech birth. As a midwife I do not ever manipulate the cervix.
Most women bleed for 3-6 weeks. Personally I have the luck to bleed till the very last day of exactly 6 weeks! It is very normal and to be expected for your bleeding to freshen up at about day 7-10, and especially if you have a sudden burst of activity like shopping or visiting family. As long as you dont completely flood a sanitary pad every hour for more than three hours in a row, it will be fine. Check your temp also, and the smell. If you are feverish, or your...
I teach suturing and am constantly amazed how practitioners (especially doctors) dont keep abreast of the latest research into suturing materials and techniques. Many use the same old material for years without realising that ongoing research has shown it is outdated and better materials are on the market. That said unless I know what was used on you and what technique was used, its impossible to say. If the right material was used your muscle tissue should hold...
Where I work we use fetal fibronectin frequently when women present with signs and symptoms or prem labour. Its a quick swob of the posterior fornix with a swab that is then processed for the protein that is 99% accurate in predicting prem labour. However we dont use it after 34 weeks pregnant. If the test is positive we like to get steroids on board for the babys lung maturation (two doses, 24 hours apart) - this has improved our outcomes for prem babies off the board....
Difficult to say without the whole picture. Maybe there was signs of maternal or fetal distress or reduced wellbeing. Better to induce a baby beginning to show signs of distress than deliver a dead baby on time naturally.
We all feel pain differently. I dont find labour particularly painful at all, but I do find pushing painful. I have no problem with IVs being inserted (never needed one for labour or birth, but have for other reasons) but the use of a tiny bit of local is overwhelmingly painful. I opt to have no local at all and barely flinch even for a large bore IV catheter. I enjoy blood tests - I actually find the piercing of the skin to be ticklish. Other women HATE HATE HATE...
Try drinking one glass of real pineapple juice twice a day for afterpains. 99.9% effective. We use it in the birth unit I work in and I have used it for all 7 of my babies. Fantastic and pleasant to take. No side effects.
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