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I've heard good things about both of these practices. Progressive is in jacksonville, and village peds is in northern st. Augustine area off 95. http://www.bestcareforkids.com http://wgvpediatrics.com
My first home birth was in my garden tub.  Second was in a blow up pool in my bedroom.  Third was also supposed to be in the birth pool in my bedroom, but we forgot to get the adaptor for the hose and couldn't fill it up, so I ended up birthing on my bed :)  
Is it a sharp shooting type pain that happens when you stand suddenly, or change positions?  Or is it more of a continuous pain?  Obviously with any concerns, check in with your OB. 
I didn't say anything on fb either until I had my ultrasound at 19 weeks . Then, I just changed my profile pic to the u/s pic, and waited for the comments to begin
I told the tech as well, and she was very good about telling me when to look away.  She said she wasn't even going to specifically look at that area, but may have to come across it to get some needed measurements, and the baby was moving in such a way that she ended up having to tell me it would be best for me to turn away.  Once she gave me the all clear, however, she was trying to get a good pic of the spine, and when she moved the wand, I swear it almost looked like a...
Already had my ultrasound and we had decided NOT to find out.  I found out with all my others, have 4 boys and 1 girl, so figured it'd be a nice surprise.  However, I *think* I may have accidentally seen something, and it looks like boy to me, but since the pics aren't really of the "butt on the glass" type of shot, and without a point of reference to know exactly what I am looking at, I could be wrong.  So I guess it will still be a surprise, but I will definitely be more...
20 weeks as of yesterday with number 6
Sounds like symphysis pubis dysfunction:  http://www.webmd.boots.com/pregnancy/guide/pelvic-girdle-pain-pgp-spd
This is pregnancy number 7 for me, but baby number 6 as I had an early m/c back in 2008.  My kids are 11 (almost 12), 9, 7, 4, and 2...boy, boy, boy, boy, girl...We are going to let this one be a surprise as far as the baby's sex (we found out with all of the others).  I'm 18 weeks today (EDD August 7), and only a handful of people know still.  Haven't even shared on Facebook yet, mostly out of slight fear of the comments I may get for having "so many", you know?  This...
Personally, as a midwife, I try to be very neutral when clients ask me my opinion on parenting decisions such as these. I tell them they need to do their own research and make the decision that is best for them. Although I'm sure there may be some midwives out there who do push their personal beliefs, I don't think it is my place to do that. I would hate to think that what could be an otherwise great connection between midwife and mama/papa to be could be strained...
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