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I feel sorry for her and wish our media could spend time doing something more important with their time. I avoid all Britney discussions but even when I log on I have to see her name and image on msn.com
I am also a "once over" but its because I'm trying to see the baby! Or honestly what the baby is wearing I love clothes!!!!!!!! Shelby
We were paying $1000/mth when we lived in Boise..it was three bedrooms with a gigantic backyard..we were able to buy it as well which was nice. I think most of our friends on the west coasts are spending $1200 up for basic 2 bedroom homes.. S
Yes welcome You should check out Finding Your Tribe, there is an Australia group Shelby
Wow, I hope you and your babe are doing well! Take care and welcome Shelby
my guy stays home with a baby and a busy 4 year old..and doesn't lose his mind too often supportive partners are hard to find
Call the company and get set up for life with baby food
i like adding a bit of colour to my hair..its fun and my gray has also come way too soon..i look really young (not complaining) so it might add some "dignity" to my age but I figure I have 50 years left to play around with color and being au natural Shelby
poo saga..I don't enjoy the poo but at least he was "cleaning" it up
Welcome We used to live in Portland..I miss Forest Park and the shopping!!
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