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  They are right! No studies can gauge the safety of homebirth in the USA. Now, we can look at the CDC and we can look at individual states. I will see if I ca compile a list with links for those who do publish them (probably by tuesday morning).   Most OB's have no issue working with CNM's, so if they take issue with lay midwives, why do you think that is?? A good majority are not well-trained or well-educated. In some states ANYBODY can decide "hey, I wanna be a midwife...
I just emailed!
  Then, where is the info going to come from. That is the closest we are going to get. Granted, I do know colorado publishes their information and I think Washington does too.   I will happily contact the birth survey.
Why is it hard to believe that some midwives screw up? Honestly, as a homebirth loss mom, things like this are a slap in the face. In my case, my midwife did try to manipulate us into believing she was not negligent. If this one midwife did that, how do we know this doesn't happen with others? You are scared to speak up. The very people who supported you will turn on you in a red hot minute if you dare blame your midwife of any wrongdoing. I know why parents choose to...
You can find very affordable rentals, it all depends on what you want! Check craigslist and www.ohio.com (Akron Beacon Journal). The job situations around here are getting better slowly. If I can be of any help, just PM me!
  For starters, the CIMS heads up the birth survey, that will not publish reviews for midwives with bad reports. I check there often for multiple ones knowing that the mothers have taken the survey entering in the midwife's name. So, why aren't those shown on there? Transparency means admitting and sharing that yes, a certain midwife is crappy.   The big push for Mana to share is to see exactly what they have as they are supposed to of been tracking all transfers and we...
Storm bride, I'm having trouble following. Did you attempt the homebirth and then transfer?? You said yes to a c-section and they ignored you? Did you have a vbac then? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions. I'm trying to put the pieces together. You don't have to answer either. I won't be offended.
  Major Kudos to you!!! I love your response here, just love it!!   """My initial reaction to the original question of how to make home birth safer revolved around changing the mentality of the natural birth community.""" This X a million! The "variation of normal" thing needs thrown out IMO.  
  Did you have some type of complication stemming from the previous c-sections??
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