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My youngest was 20 months when his baby sister was born and the MW's DD played with all the kids during the labor and all the kids were in the room during the birth.
My MW didn't do it or require it.
Our MW offered the vit K and eye drops. We declined both. Took her in for a two week and dr tried to scare me into doing PKU. We never went back! With her being my 5th, I saw no point in testing her for anything. She had jaundice and I was able to deal with it myself!!
You know, I was reading this before I took my youngest in for her WBV and sure enough, heard the same thing from mine about cereal. She also wanted to know my EXACT reasons for not vaxing. Asked if the homebirth was planned, lol!
I deal with that in my local moms group. They don't welcome any new people. I told them one night that my baby was sick and nobody said a thing but any others say it they are all jumping. I am not like those women and it's obvious.
I probably would have rear ended the person.
Hi, I'm Bambi and am 26. My dh Jim (29) and I have 5 children (DS8, DD7, DS4, DS2, and DD5 months). I breastfeed, cosleep, will be babywearing as soon as I buy a sling (but I hold her constantly), and no longer vaccinate. I got to have my first homebirth experience with baby 5 and I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner!! I'm not sure my family knows how to handle me anymore, lol.
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