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From my reading, a baby was stillborn in January. Supposedly she left during the labor.   Case #2 was recently and the baby was transported. This baby is now brain damaged. .    
My second thought stems from what I have seem is this recent NC case. I have seen many people say "The baby doesn't matter". They want homebirth and midwifery, with no regard to the babies who are hurt or dead.They are using a baby's death for politics.
If I am stepping on toes here, I apologize. Is there any chance that the hospital can be alerted or child services upon the birth?? That is quite concerning. That innocent baby is next.
    I have two opinions here!   A) It seems like Midwives and homebirth supporters are horribly notorious for pulling the "babies die in hospitals all the time because they are evil and DR's just want to slice you open". They are very quick to criticize Dr's and hospitals. So, it is quite hypocritical for them to be mad about how people perceive them when they themselves perpetuate stereotypes like they do! If MW's and DR's want eachother's respect, it requires give and...
      This is what bothers me the most!!   I understand that people talk about a midwife being a good person, but even good people make mistakes, some even deadly. Now these families are left standing there while everyone rallies behind this "good person". It feels like babies who die or are injured aren't important. If licensing is all for women and their families, where is the concern for those affected here?   IMO, licensing wouldn't of changed these outcomes and...
    I would venture to guess that this is because certain things DO carry higher risks. The increase may be small, but it still is an increase. When you have a board of midwives who make all the rules, it becomes very bad for the women they serve. If a midwife has a high risk patient, that patient should be transferred to OB care. Don't people on here say Dr's are for high risk women??
Unfortunately, in the US, the "boards" are nothing more than fellow midwives. I'm not sure how many have read transcripts or listened to audio on Liz's blog, but she was basically told babies die in the hospital too and the midwife slapped on the hand. For me, the "board members" gave us a hard time about trying to have a peer review. The midwife told me she volunteered for one, but I never heard about it. Obviously, mine caused several deaths (with police involvement)...
Yay, I figured out how to do this right, finally!   Carrie, If you go to CDC Wonder, click on linked birth/death records 2003-2005. Then control for birthplace, mothers aged 20 to 34, full term infants in singelton pregnancies, COD, and attendant. CNM's do have better rates than anyone!
      This, to me, sounds like one of those blaming things. Not cool. All mothers ask questions and interview their midwife before hiring. What can people do to make sure potential clients know about a midwife's history before making the mistake of hiring her?? Mine had multiple deaths under her belt and I didn't know. I had no clue. She never once said "Oh, BTW, I've went in front of the grand jury a few times for some infant deaths". I would of RANNNNNNNNNN!! Instead,...
That's really cool! I think we need more places like that. If some people don't want to use them, that's their choice, just as valid a choice as those who do. Yeah, it's obvious a few posters are quite ignorant.   I'm also totally drooling over that huge whirlpool tub.
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