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I think something you mention here is key--that you were told only to listen to positive birth stories.      I think this a HUGE downfall in the homebirth movement. I have witnessed it here multiple times. Moms are told to ignore the negative stories and only focus on the positive. You are warned about how horrible c-sections are, how bad hospitals are, how horrible dr's are, how bad pain relief is, etc. Basically everything mainstream is bad, when it really isn't....
Good. Now we need to get the rest of the negligent ones off the "streets".
I'm kinda late with this, but when you have blood incompatibilities, they CAN be severe enough to cause problems inutero. Severe jaundice can lead to brain damage and can kill a baby. This isn't just your run of the mill jaundice. These types are more severe and the treatment needs to be more aggressive. I've been there. In the hospital, they can start testing baby after birth as the levels can begin rising immediately. Isoimmunized mothers are high risk and need to have...
You got me!
Speaking from MY experience, the organization that is SUPPOSED to oversee the midwives in our state is a joke. We were given a hard time by them, as if they didn't want to do anything for us. The midwife I had has had multiple run ins with the law here and they let her just walk. The police wanted to charge her with Negligent Homicide, but didn't want to "go on a witch hunt". NOBODY would help us. The most I can do is use word of mouth (or the power of the internet). There...
I am going to be the odd man out here. Co-sleeping is not worth sacrificing a marriage for. Our spouses were here before those kids and, with the proper work/attitude, will be there after the kids leave. Your husband is not happy, so, what are YOU going to do to fix this??
At least someone is worried! The longer you go, the higher the risk of stillbirth! The more or less fluid you have impacts the child's lung development! Too much fluid can indicate problems. GBS can cause a very sick or dead baby. This situation is a recipe for disaster!
I had one and my daughter died. I recently began a facebook group just for moms with homebirth loss because like a PP said, we are ostracized and left to deal with the aftermath alone.
Go online and look at dr reviews. MW's are not the end all be all.
I will probably be here with you. If you need an ear, I'm here.
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