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Ask friends.
If you go to the American College of Nurse Midwives, you can look for them in your area, mainly ones tied to dr offices. You can get fabulous care from a CNM!
We are finding out because we will need help bonding with this baby. We are both so full of fear. Plus, if it is a girl, I think it will be harder on us and we will need time to adjust. Part of me would like to raise a third girl but in reality, I lost out on raising my third girl and will never get the chance. If she looked like her sister, it would be even harder. If it's a boy, that's cool, no problem. It has nothing to do with buying clothes or planning anything....
I am going to ask for an induction at 39 weeks.
I would love a guess. You can click on my blog, I'll be doing a pic up on it here soon. This is #7 after losing #6 back in june. I had B, G, B, B, G, G I really don't care what it looks like. However, if you could give me a probable birth date it would be awesome (my sisters bday is right before my EDD)
Regardless of astrology, this baby will be the center of attention considering all we have been through.
Just say mid november. No biggie.
Go for it! Could be interesting!
She was born June 5th at 4:40am at home. Was pronounced at 11:34am. If you want any details, pm me.
Those sound great! LOL@twins, wouldn't that be a hoot?
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