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Have her spend time around babies! If you have a friend with a baby, offer to babysit (kill two birds with one stone) so that she can learn how to share you with another little person and maybe get use to the idea of having a little one in the house.
You aren't alone in the freaking out department. Trust me! A good friend told me to take it one day at a time. That is what I am doing.
I would go for the hospital birth hands down! I like your mom!
A few more questions you may want to ask is if any babies died in the hospital after transport and how many stillbirths she has had. Ask to speak to former clients, esp those who needed transports. If she is licensed, can you actually get a printout of her track record??? Find out how many run ins she has had with the police and see if you can contact the police to find out why. Actually, contact them anyway in case she isn't honest with you. You want to know everything...
Do what you gotta do! In the end, your babies are still coming from your body and being birthed. Having a c/section doesn't make you less of a mom. This is my way of an attempted pep talk while exhausted.
Tylenol. I'm too tired to spell the name for it.
Thank you.
After losing my daughter after a homebirth back in June, I am now expecting again. I am a bundle of nerves. This will be highly medicalized and I'm happy and have no regrets about it.
I'm trying to wean myself off my cigarettes. Bad me, I stopped taking my anti anxiety and depression meds and started smoking many months ago.
Midwife attended one other birth. 1st child 36 weeks, middle 4 at 39 weeks Jaundice appeared within two hours of the birth Midwife explained away everything and gave a reason for each symptom. Midwife only stayed at the house for an hour. This was not typical splotchiness, it was purple/blue spots around baby's nose that were actually petichial (sp?) hemmoraging (diagnosed by Coroner) I am trying to figure out if another midwife would have done differently. Peopole...
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