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JMHO, but I view any birth that the result was a healthy child not indicative of a "birth trauma". Once we reconcile that birth itself is a traumatic event, maybe we will be less judgemental of those who have c-sections and other types of birth as automatically being "traumatic". Just my $0.02.
wait a minute...as funny as this is, shouldn't this go in the Pets forum???? I'm all confuzzled.
I about to start typing reports for a sleep center my aunt works at. I don't know yet how many reports there will be, but I'm told I should be able to work it in at naptimes and such. $1.00 a page...at least I'll be able to pay my student loan note!!!
Well, I'm a "motherless mom", but my mother isn't dead, she just isn't in my life, by her choice. Long story short, I've seen her once since I was 8, and I don't even think she knows she has a granddaughter. I've tried contacting her though one of my half-brothers, but she's disappeared on him as well. My history with my mom made me very nervous about becoming a mother, especially to a daughter. I am constantly haunted by her leaving, and wondering if I could ever do...
Quote: Originally Posted by prothyraia 43k, in economic hardship defferment. I will have to go to work at some point to pay them off. From a strictly financial standpoint, going to college was a mistake. I got a lot of debt and no ability to get work at any higher level than if I just had a Hs diploma. : Add 7K and I'm exactly where you are. I'm debating on asking for another deferment or just biting the bullet and start paying something....
Exclusively breastfed, my dd STTN starting around 2 months old. I'm talking 10-11 hours 3 out of 4 nights. Very healthy. Now, at 13 months old, she's been consistently STTN 11-12 hours.
Well, the Tiger fan in me says "that's what you get for being an Auburn fan"... Hope you know I'm just kidding, mama. I think it's horrible how people cannot mind their own business when it comes to this situation. How hard is it for you not to look? I'm just glad she didn't get violent with you...football games do not always bring out the best in people.
Hmmm....well my 13 month old is barefoot around the house, knock off slip on crocs when we go outside, and then in either Keds or Perfection when we go out. Maybe not "natural", but she has absolutely no problem getting around. I don't think Robeez provides enough protection from sharp rocks, hot concrete, etc...
my daughter is 13 months old and she eats everything. The only thing we have not given her is sushi. We have no food allergies in the family, so we feel safe in the way we are feeding her.
Quote: Originally Posted by tbone_kneegrabber My ds wears them, and some of the are pink and have zebra print hearts. He also wears tights and barretts. When people say anything we say, "we are actively trying to make him gay." that usually shuts them up (and its no lie) Also if they ask you what DH thinks of them say "who said there was a dh?" Wait, are you actively trying to make your son gay? What, exactly, is the lie? That's off.
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