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We're looking for an alternative practitioner for my son who has chronic GI problems. I'm not tied to a naturopathic doctor only, but that's where we're looking right now. He sees an MD at UNC. I think he has an impeccable resume, but we're just not getting any results from everything we're doing. Does anyone have suggestions for anyone in the Triangle? We're in Raleigh but are happy to travel within an hour or so to find the right person.
If our school reaches its goal, our principal is going to ride a tricycle through the school hallways wearing a clown wig. The kids are psyched about that possibility!
It's actually something that DS is starting right now. He's also 7. My husband is a software architect. We're in a tech hub, so about every other person is a programmer of some sort or another. The only concern I have is for the strain on his eyes, but I'm pretty clear that he has to get up and do something non-screen periodically. In our particular case, DS does gymnastics and plays soccer, so he gets that physical activity weekly, and he does enjoy playing outside,...
It's not illegal. It's just difficult. Here's information from the U.S. State Department in an effort to provide facts from a legitimate source.   http://adoption.state.gov/country_information/country_specific_info.php?country-select=uganda
Doctors terminate patient relationships for a host of reasons, including failure to follow a care plan repeatedly, failure to show (or show on time) for appointments, etc. Doctors should not be required to see a specific patient. As a writer, I can write for people and then choose to reject any future assignments if the working relationship wasn't a good fit. I would hate to think of being required to do so just because I'd once accepted work.
  You're actually representing the bigotry in Boy Scouts, which is hilarious because I doubt that you are thoughtful enough to realize that.
That's not universally true. There are laws for birthright citizenship, but it requires that the family meets other criteria (which is why they're requesting documentation about rent or mortgage payments). The obvious issue here is that they are trying to make sure that the child was born in the U.S., so the rules for a child born to U.S. citizens while abroad apply. OP, if you and your partner are married, you're in better shape, but if you're not, then it gets more...
If you're going to comment on the religious preferences of the others in the town, please make sure you're accurate. Almost all (save a few small denominations) Baptists are evangelicals. If you're truly in the Bible Belt, the white Baptists are almost exclusively Southern Baptists, and black Baptists are usually Missionary Baptists (roots of those going back to pre-Civil War times but still largely desegregated). Southern and Missionary Baptists are evangelical...
My son has taken dance since he was 3; he's now 7. We lived in a pretty conservative area. Mostly we got eyerolling and some "I want my son to be macho" bs, but no one ever said anything to DS. We're in a progressive area now, and every studio has boys' only classes as well as many co-ed classes. Our experience really has been mostly positive, so I'd say go for it!
No, there are contracts. If you're in an employer-sponsored plan, though, the contract is with the employer and not you. The insurance company and employer negotiate annually based on a variety of factors (primarily the cost of insuring your particular pool of employees), and then the employer typically absorbs some (most, in many cases) and passes the rest on to you. If you buy insurance on your own, you should have some information before a rate increase goes into...
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