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We do a hand with palm toward the ground and say "off." That's usually for attacking us the moment we walk in the door, but I think it would work at night, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by TulsiLeaf She wouldn't go up and kiss him. I would have to remind her and the she would say she didn't want to. I would never advocate forcing someone (of any age) to kiss someone if s/he felt it uncomfortable.
I really do want to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts & experiences. I can relate to many of the things said in the posts. My mother texted this morning and asked how I am. I just said "ok." Other than that, I haven't talked to them. I'm trying to heal from being with them. My sister & I had a huge fight just before I left, and she said I always act like I'm mistreated. (Did I say this before? I may be repeating myself.) My mother has always used that language,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mountainmama2 It sounds like you DH is a bit uneasy with the homeschooling decision. He's definitely still on the fence. He's not an un-involved father, which some posts seem to be suggesting. He's just not sure about homeschooling. We believe education & civic-mindedness are the two most important things we can give our children, so this decision has been difficult for us.
Tonight, I used up the last of some whole wheat spaghetti noodles we had. I combined the already-boiled noodles with seasonings, strips of provolone cheese, & tomato sauce, baked for 5 minutes. I'm actually excited because DH gets paid Friday, and we don't need much at all!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ldavis24 I still get very annoyed when a stranger actually lets or even encourages their kid to come pet my dog without permission. We have always taught DC to ask the adult first if it's okay to pet the dog and then let the dog sniff their hands first. We seem to be in a small minority on that, though. I had to talk to DS recently about a friend of his not coming over. It's sad, but I'm afraid of friend-dog...
Quote: Originally Posted by Keeta Two of my favorites are: You can also make taco filling with lentils, lentil chili, etc. Check out hillbillyhousewife for some examples. I like the idea of making taco filling with lentils. I have a house of people who adore tortillas with anything.
If you're going to have split finances, I've always thought Suze Orman's program sounded the best. (We've always been combined, so this is all my theory.) She suggests using percentages. In your case, you make 41% of the household's money, so you should be paying 41% of the bills. That may work out better for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by pigpokey in his occultist Christianish viewpoint, It's been a rough day, and this just made me laugh. Quote: Originally Posted by Past_VNE when I asked him to sound out a word (cat) from letters we made from clay, he rested his face so hard into his hands that his face was scrunched up, looked like it was the end of the world and when I asked, "I thought we were having fun!?" he said, drearily,...
Quote: Originally Posted by saoirse2007 3. we are have no real knowledge of religion, but are not opposed to it...I like the values that it instills...I am willing to learn right along side my little ones If you want to learn about religion, have at it, but it's not necessary. We are firmly secular homeschoolers and will not buy any materials from companies with Christianity as their core, no matter how amazing the materials may seem. It's...
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