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Excess levels of hormones are thought to be a contributing factor for multliple egg release in younger women, accounting for higher levels of twins. On another note, a woman under 30 using no fertility drugs, who has fraternal twins has upwards of a 60% chance of doing it again! Rachel
Since the cords will be cut immediately after birth (and before the placentas), build up your iron now to prevent anemia in the babes. Also, alfalfa & nettles are a good choice, lots of iron & vitamin K to prevent excess bleeding. Hemorrhage is somewhat common when birthing twins b/c of the over stretched uterus & large placenta(s). Prevention is everything! In my case, twin A was born, twin B 20 minutes later, and the placentas (fused also) ab/10 minutes...
if you have the resources, go for it. I was a single mom when my twins were born. My mom stayed for a week after. That next week was the hardest of my life. It made me stronger & it made my dedication to my kids that much stronger, but I swear it almost killed me. Having a husband would have made a huge difference. If he's taking time off, don't worry, you guys can do it! Get down in the trenches! Rachel
Go for it! I had twins at home & am sooooo happy to hear of others! Mine were also 7lb-ers. Way to grow some babies, mamma! Pushing the second one out is so much easier! Happy birthing! I can't wait to hear your story! Rachel
My case is a little different as I didn't know I was carrying twins until 39.5 wks! I think that made all the difference. It was my first pregnancy & I didn't realize I was going through anything different than any other woman. Other than some seriously low iron at the beginning of my 2nd trimester, I felt great until around 36 wks. I work in a health food store & am on my feet all day. The last month was very painful on my back & hips. I also had a ton of intense BH...
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