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totally spontaneous. i am one of those "it doesn't run anywhere in the family" types...until now, i guess.
i thought that i was in the clear as far as morning sickness went, yet lately i have been SO sick. it's terrible. i am hungry but can't stomach to eat. i do, of course, force myself to eat...but it's still miserable. i have been having a lot of cramping and heaviness. i am not sure if that's normal or just due to the fact that two c-sections really took a toll on my insides. i haven't been the same physically since the birth of my second born. there are just a lot of...
thank you ladies so much. i meet with my ob wednesday and will find out if he will support a twin vba2c. we shall see.
i am expecting twins in early october. i have two children who never had a drop of formula. there is absolutely no way i'd do it differently with twins. i WILL breastfeed (thankfully i have TWO breasts) and i WILL cd. people who say that you can't do it are usually the ones who never tried it themselves (at least this is what i have found).
i plan on cd my twins. i can't wait!
i am seven weeks pregnant with what i thought was only one baby. i had some spotting and cramping and went to the doctor. they did an ultra-sound and found two babies! they measured great and had good heartrates. i am very excited! it us unbelievable the amount of ridiculous things people have already said to me. is it normal for my stomach to get full so quickly this early? i get hungry, yet i can't eat a whole lot. then i just feel sick. i am the mother of two already,...
well...things just got interesting! i am having twins!
thank you all so much! it's nice to hear some encouraging words. i have obviously heard enough of the crappy/scary stuff.
i heard about that type of massage yesterday, as a matter of fact. i actually found a midwife who is partnered with a wonderful ob/gyn who will let me do the vba2c. i do have to do it at the hospital if i want them to do it, but that makes me feel a little safer anyway. they do not induce. they will let me go into labor naturally. i am excited/nervous.
i am terrified either way, ladies. i am very aware of the statistics. i have read and re-read...so i don't need any u/r stories to terrify me even more. labor with my firstborn was induced at 38 week because he was huge and i had diabetes. in hindsight, i wouldn't have let them induce labor. i labored for 24 hours. after they broke my water, i never progressed. i never got into a normal pattern of labor. they scared me into a c-section against my better judgement. with...
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