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20-miscarriage @ 19 weeks 22-miscarriage @ 12 weeks 26-full term 31-full term 35-full term 39-full term
One is such a lonely number....I have four kiddos (3 to 15) and it is wonderful. They love one another, and watching them interact is a gift. They will have wonderful support from one another as they become adults and I cherish that. I hope you enjoy your two as much as I have enjoyed my four. Janie
Yup. It is possible. I did it with my first three...until they were 2 to 3 years old. I have stayed home 100% with my fourth. My children are 15.5, 11.5, 7.5, and almost 3 (still ebf). I was back at work with the first three within their first 3 or 4 months and then had summers. It worked out fine. Didn't experience any difficulty pumping...used a double electric medula and it was quite efficient...we only had to supplement one bottle with one kid...he hated...
Wow! That is something! Was your G-mom's given name Janie Lou or was it shortened from something else? Mine was shortened from Janice Lucile...but I've NEVER been called either one of those names... Thank you Vegemama and Irishmommy for your welcoming words! Janie
Hi Jeri, I'm new here too...we are a Christian ap family, too. Glad to meet you. Janie
What a great find! I've been reading Mothering Magazine since 1980....and have just thought to look online! I am mom to 4...15 yo son, 11 yo daughter, 7 yo son, and 2 yo son...(yup, 19 consecutive teen years in this house!) I lost two babes in miscarriage before my 15 yo son was born....nursed with each one 2-3 years...so at last count have been pregnant and/or nursing for a total of 12 of the last 15 years! And I guess I am "old" in the world of momming with...
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