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I'm so sorry. :(   If you'd like to be part of a miscarriage group on FB, let me know. I will add you.
    There's a reason you & I are friends! I was feeling the exact same way this time. Obviously, you know the situation with the loss and D&C, but before all of that, I also had the feeling of needing a hospital this time. Good luck, whatever happens. I hope things are going ok.
I have also lost my baby. You aren't alone. :( I'm so sorry. :(
Thank you all so much. Once I laid down on the ER bed, everything started to level out and I stabilized relatively quickly, but that hour-ish from the time I left the house to the time I got a bed was terrifying. I'm trying to take it easy and just move slowly through my day as I work this all out and continue living life. We're working on normalizing the kids days again so they can heal, as well.         That is just .... omg. I'm so glad you came out of that and are ok....
I'm doing ok. I talked to my dad the other day and it REALLY helped to talk to someone else who understands what it feels like to KNOW you're at death's door and something needs to happen very quickly. The miscarriage still hasn't quite hit me, yet. 
That is so cool!!! Congrats! :D I hope your other twin becomes visible very soon. :)
Thank you, hotsauce.    I'm starting to grieve now, and so are the kids. It's hard. :(
Thanks, ladies. 
I was terrified. I thought I was dying. I even texted my mom, "I'm dying, mom." (She lives out of state and that just completely panicked her.) I honestly felt like I was. My whole body was stinging, my heart was racing, I could barely tolerate being in my own body. If I could have found a way to exit my own self, I may have. I was completely beside myself.   My uterus was in a steady contraction for 2 solid hours before the first gush, then on the way to the...
I had to have an emergency D&C last night. No more baby. :(   I was in severe pain from about 2 in the afternoon and it wasn't improving. About 4PM, I got up to use the restroom and I was met with a gush of blood so big that it was running down my legs and wasn't stopping.   We headed to the ER within 15 minutes. I tried showering before we left, to clean up, but the bleeding wouldn't stop. The extra towel I brought wasn't enough. When I got to the ER, it...
New Posts  All Forums: