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  LOL!!! I love the logic! Thank you!! My mom had my youngest brother at home in 1989 and despite that, she still confuses me with birthy stuff. She contradicts herself and is pro-hb one minute, but pro-hospital the next and just... really confusing. :p   It really does make sense. Typically, for me, HG hits around week 6 or 7, and I've only had some weight loss due to major nausea so far, very minimal vomiting. So it's entirely possible for it to get worse. (Though I'm...
    Yes, I am earlier than I thought. Because I had no period between my March loss and this pregnancy, I guessed I had an EDD of New Year's Eve, which would put me at about 10 weeks, but the ultrasound last night showed that I'm only 6 weeks.   And THANK YOU for reminding me of the obvious. How is it that one's mother can affect her thinking so badly? You're right - it WASN'T terribly complicated. It was quick, it really threw me off my groove that day lol, but that's...
Thanks, ladies!! Husband works from home, so that's a bonus. I've been off my feet almost the whole day and periodically check in with my dr friend. She's so funny. I sent her a pic of one of the clots, asking her medical opinion and expressing that I'm sort of obsessively interested in what's going on in the human body, and she, basically, said, "Well, could be this,  could be that,.... you should go back to school for anatomy and pathology." LOL   I'm still...
I've had some spotting then light bleeding this week and a dr friend put me on bed rest, since medicaid isn't finished, yet. The bleeding increased so our dr friend sent me to the ER.    While there, they did a blood draw and checked my hcg levels then sent me for an ultrasound. My daughter (age 10) went to the u/s with me. Per hospital policy, I wasn't allowed to see the u/s screen, so I told her what sort of things the tech would look for, what a baby would look...
I have been surprised with my firt 3. This time, we WILL find out! I want to plan it. I want to know. But when I waited for the other 3, it was because I wanted to be surprised. It's one of the few things in life that we can truly be surprised about. 
LOL That's funny, OrganicViolin!
Oh my lord, I'm so glad I'm not alone. LOL
I'm so sorry. :(
    LOL Same here! 9w 4d, 6th pregnancy (4th living child), maternity already. :p
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