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  Ok, good.  :)   UP/UC is Unassisted Pregnancy and Unassisted Childbirth.   I went the UP route from week 32 on with my last pregnancy because the mw didn't do anything that I didn't already know how to do. Also, my HG wasn't being treated at all, so I just continued on my own, using remedies I know I can get OTC. So I fired her and finished the pregnancy and had the birth with just me & my husband.   You're right - not all mws are created equal. :-/
I UP'd for the last 11 weeks of my pregnancy last time, so I'm not freaking out, I just want an early ultrasound for dating purposes and I need meds for HG. And I prefer other support at birth. Other than that, I'd be fine with another UP/UC. I am not sure I'm making sense and I suspect that's coming across as rude. It's not meant to be. Sorry. 
    OMG, SAME HERE!!! I am nauseated to the point of losing weight (10 lbs in 2 wks), but that's it. It's bizarre. At least if I was puking myself into the ER I'd KNOW. :p lol
Yeah, I'm kinda bummed. Oh well. I have some good referrals for other midwives, so I'll look into that.   We have a friend who is a dr with a son on the autism spectrum (my oldest also is) and she is AWESOME. The downside is that she no longer does OB. :( 
Username: Harper Rose Real Name: Carrie EDD: 12/31/12, but I went to 43w w/ my youngest, so who knows... Baby #: 4 Birth Location: hospital, though my last 2 were UC and hb w/ MW. Just feel like the hospital is where I need to be this time. Gender: unknown
Bah! The mw I planned to use is moving. I'm *almost* done with the insurance paperwork and as soon as I got approval, I was going to schedule an appointment. But now I'm on another search for a new care provider. Bleh.
I'm still waiting on the insurance to go through, 9 weeks right now, little frustrated because I had care all lined up and now I have to find someone else.   Bleh.
Yeah, I understand that "not really real" feeling. I'm wearing maternity clothes and still feel like, "What if it's just a weird cancer?"   Who thinks that?!
Just found out the midwife I was going to go through this pregnancy is moving out of state in July. CRAP! So I'm looking into 3 different doctors, including the one the mw works with/for, as well as a mw group. *sigh*
I was beyond pissed off at that. I even saved screen shots of that post and where he had deleted all the comments. He banned me and my page from posting on his. Completely rude. He said his page was a support page, not a complaint page. Um, the only complaint is that you're presenting parents w/ AS as people who are inept and unfit. Sorry, dude, ineptitude and being unfit isn't relegated to only parents on the spectrum. :p
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