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I had an awful dream last night that I miscarried. It was so vivid, that I took another test this morning, just to be sure. Still positive, but this pregnancy feels so weird to me. I'm used to being incredibly sick, but I haven't been this time. I've thrown up maybe half a dozen times, total, when in the past I've puked half a dozen times by 9 AM. (Not exaggerating.) I have nausea so bad that I can't eat. But overall, I'm doing very well. It's strange and feels unreal.
  Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. :( So very sorry. :( I do hope things are positive on Wednesday. 
  No spotting this time. After my first loss in 2005, I spent several months a little drunker than I should have.  I do have progesterone, but I didn't take any this time. 
OH my goodness, I'm so sorry for your loss. :(    I hope this pregnancy is healing for you, even as you grieve. 
Hi! Welcome!
HotSauce, I'm in the same position. I will be 9 weeks this coming Monday, m/c in March super early, and still disbelieving it all. Despite the tests at home and at a clinic.    I usually get HG and so far it's been incredibly mild, so I feel nervous, like it's not quite real. I'll be doing an early u/s just to see what's going on. I feel like I need that info. 
  I'm excited and hopeful, but also a little freaked. LOL We need a new vehicle and hubby kept saying, "Something that seats 6." I looked at him and said, "Or 7..." No comment.  Our current car seats only 5.    I'm not one to get ultrasounds unless they're medically indicated, but this time I think I NEED to. In fact, I've UC'd and homebirthed w/ midwives, but this go round I REALLY feel the need to be in a hospital. Another thing I can't fully explain. Ok, on the...
Love!!! They're all so pretty!   I prefer ring slings for the newborn and infant stage, but past 5 mos or so, they're too much. I then switch to the Ergo. If I don't have an Ergo, I'll use a Mei Tai (any brand or DIY works for me). I am wrap challenged, even though they're super cute!
MCS! Wow, am I glad to see this thread. I'm hesitant to talk about this sort of thing for fear of being viewed as a loon. LOL!!   Ok, I've felt MCS since I was about 6 years old. My mom had an abortion when I was about 3, so she and I just chalked it up to that. (We discussed it when I was a teenager.) Except, as an adult, I've felt it, too, kind of recently.   We just moved into a new house on March 1 and I was walking through the living room one day and was...
    So glad I wasn't the only one laughing at that!! LOL!
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