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Bleeding is not normal. That ... no. Scary. I miscarried in2005 at 12/13 weeks. It started with bleeding/spotting in week 11. You might consider pushing for an ultrasound to check.   Sickness. Have you looked into hyperemesis gravidarum? Check this link and compare your symptoms. http://www.helpher.org/mothers/hyperemesis-or-morning-sickness/index.php
LOL!!!! Yes, have major abdominal surgery for no reason other than to have a christmas baby! :D   Husband asked. My 10 yr old asked me NOT to. LOL Her reasons were for the whole bday/xmas present thing being "unfair" because the baby would get more presents than her. :p I told her I could save up her bday gifts for xmas. lol
Pregnancy #6. Earthside kid #4. 8 weeks tomorrow. Already in maternity. I feel like a dork, but such is life. My mom even remarked on it. "Maternity already?" lol Yep...
Popsicles help me. Please update when you can. I'm very worried about you!!   Here are a couple facebook groups for HG: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hyperemesisgravidarum/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/108417767847/
He needs to get over himself. He helped make this baby. He knew the consequences of unprotected sex.    I'm sorry, mama. I hope things smooth out very soon. 
YAAAY!!! Do you have people commenting on going early and having a christmas baby?
HG survivor here. GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Just GO.    Lots of love!! So sorry! :(
Ha! Thanks for the correction, both of you. :)   Fascinating, either way.
Thanks, ladies!    Yeah, with as many pregnancies as I've had (This is # 6!?!), as long as I've been on mothering (since early 2001, before the crash), as much research as I've done, I knew there was no way hcg would still be in my system. :p But, we do what we must to get the care we seek, right?
  That's a cool story!!  (Twins yolks! lol)
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