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Thanks! Yeah, they're pretty good. I'll keep 'em. ;)
Hi!  I'm a former Nov 2012 mama (my old thread), miscarried, got preg again right away, and am now due Dec 31, 2012.    Our plan was to just go through life with the 3 kids we have. Well, March rolled around and life, apparently, had other ideas! HOW that pregnancy happened, I don't know. We'd taken precautions, but it still happened. Shock, but we were ok with it. Unfortunately, I miscarried at 5 weeks.    We decided to throw caution to the wind, if you will,...
ABSOLUTELY!!! We've done public and home, depending on what works best for that child at that time.
Yes, when my kids were evaluated, it was by a team. I always say "a dev ped" but, in reality, it was a team at the same office.
Developmental ped catches developmental delays. We saw one who specializes in ASDs. Pediatric Neuro works with the brain. I've never been to one, even though my husband has a couple as his clients (he does IT).
Just a hug. I remember those days quite well.
I wish I could be of better help. We didn't do any therapies because my husband is also self employed, no health insurance, no medicaid, and there's no way in the WORLD I'd have afforded anything out of pocket. I did everything on my own. And just... instinctively, I guess. I worked with him the best I could and I think we've been pretty successful so far. Do you have local support groups? Look for all kinds of groups, online and in real life, to find the right...
I was just saying this the other day. There was a time when you'd have 5 pages of new threads multiple times every DAY. Now, we're good to see 1 new page full once a week.
:) Glad to be there. 
Fay, I LOVE IT!!! I'm going to share it on my FB page. :D I had read that they're adding some submissions and some comments, but they have to be emailed to autismpositivity@gmail.com and I'm unsure how that's working out. There's only one mom running it, so she's been SWAMPED.
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