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Thanks for the info on this. Kind of nice to know an inside view. :D
I am going to message you. We ought to get together IRL. :)  I can't find her card.  Kassandra Levay is her name, though! LOL
Oh, I hate those damn things.  They are so freaking LOUD!
There's an Autism Positivity Flash Blog going on today. Nutshell: Someone googled "I Wish I Didn't Have Aspergers" and so a bunch of bloggers got together to write positive blogs about it. Some have kids with severe autism, some have kids with Aspergers, some are adults with Aspergers. Anyone can contribute, too. They're adding some things as comments. About Links to the blogs My contribution
Yeah, I really dislike the lack of info on girls with it. And I get the "I'm so sorry" stuff, too. Wait. Hello?? My friend's little boy has cancer. THAT is something to be sorry for. My kid isn't on the brink of death every day of his life. My kid isn't on his way to Houston today for treatment.  Look around, get connected with aspergers and autism pages on facebook and google+ and anywhere else you can.
    Oh, WOW! How awesome that you guys clicked so well!  The wings were delicious. :D
You're all jealous. Admit it! ;) I'm excited. We met Imakcerka a couple months ago with promises to get together IRL, and now we're finally doing it! YAY!!!! Is it weird to be excited about actually making buffalo wings from scratch??? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 
We had an ok experience with the elementary and are currently doing the whole IEP process with the middle school. I have to push a little bit, but they've generally been pretty easy to work with. My son has aspergers. If you want the name of a SpecEd advocate, let me know, I'm friends with a GREAT one.
    Ah! I see. Yeah, the school's dx, in my opinion, is a joke and pointless. I don't know why they waste time and resources when the dr already made the diagnosis. You know? You know the kid has X-condition. Now work with it. And even though our schools had/have my son's white papers in front of them w/ his medical dx, they STILL want to run evals and make us do all kinds of paperwork and everything else. To me, it's pointless.  Though, given your perspective as an...
    Aw, thanks! Looking forward to having you around there. :) I really love the Autism Discussion Page. That man COMPLETELY gets it on so many levels! On Punky/Soleil - she has a business called The Little Seed. You might find that on Twitter, too.
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