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I love Fringe. It is so out there and different, to me. we have a friend who looks like the watcher. It's weird. lol
I'd read that it was ok to wash them in a lingerie bag. And, of course, I can't recall where. (It's been awhile!) What I remember, though, is that in a lingerie bag, it doesn't stretch around the agitator.
My daughter will be 8 next month. She was sooooo high needs. I really don't know how I survived. Turns out, she has severe Sensory Processing Disorder. It does get better in some areas, but becomes worse in others. You find ways to adapt.
Age 2. Currently, he's 22 mos, but I've also been saying, "He'll be 2 on Nov 1st."
Aw, man, what a story! Come ON, you gotta keep us posted!
Well, having a kid w/ Aspergers, I absolutely understand your exhaustion and frustration. His mom should have in-home care for him, really. IMO, of course. In home care is a lot less stressful because he is in his own environment. Yes, it's more costly, but for the peace of everyone, he should be at his own house. this probably wasn't exactly helpful to you. I'm sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by MyTwoAs After my son's MRI I went to the hospital and picked up a copy of the radiology report and then a DVD of the scan. He took it to school and showed his 2nd grade class his brain hehe. Thanks for responding! That's great!!!
Finally! Glad it got resolved.
I've had an MRI for my migraines when I was 13. It scared me. Definitely see about some kind of sedation for her. It's just really LOUD and scary. Her head and neck will be immobilized w/ one of those neck braces. And PLEASE, for the love of all that is right, go to her follow up. My parents didn't and now I have NO CLUE what my stinking neuro issue is! (There is one, but I don't know what it is! Very upsetting. ) I know you WILL go, I just.... clearly, I have issues.
I'm also in San Antonio and while I do have a handful of crunchy friends, I've seen like 2 babywearers all year. I have connected w/ other crunchy SA moms, though, on some other forums and now on my FB. I'll be moving to an even less-crunchy area, though, at the end of October... I'm nervous. I've gotten a very positive response, though, to my babywearing, in San Antonio and in WV.
New Posts  All Forums: