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You do not have to give in to a cesarean! As others have said, you will eventually go into labor and cannot be turned away when that happens. If you do opt for a cesarean you still have rights, you do not have to be strapped down. You can create a baby-friendly, gentle cesarean plan. You have rights, do not be afraid to exercise them. The way you feel about yourself, about your birth experiences, is important and it matters.
Husband is circed. But baby boys (3 and 5) have never had the slightest issue. =)
Midwife assisted homebirths are still illegal in Alabama, our bill almost made it through the senate this year, but still not quite there. There are many midwives who work across state lines though  
Looks like I am the only one Cynthia! lol.  
Hey BlueandGold:   I sent you a PM with the name and contact info for the midwife from Mobile that Handzfull was referring to.   Best Wishes,   Angela
There is an OB that delivers at Garden Park who is very on-board with natural birth. His name is Gaddy I believe. There are also midwives who deliver at Garden Park and may take a VBAC, Shannon Pfingstag and Sheriden Skarl.   Biloxi Regional Medical Center is supposed to be very VBAC friendly as well. I would check with the South Mississippi Informed Birth Network - look them up on Facebook.   If you are interested in having a doula, I serve the Biloxi/Gulfport...
If you are willing to travel to New Orleans I have heard great things about Touro Infirmary. There are some very supportive hospital midwives who deliver there, as well as many natural birth supportive OBs. Some names that come to mind include Dr. Jennifer Lapeyrolerie and Dr. VonOlmen. I believe that the midwives even do hospital waterbirths.  And VBAC is allowed at Touro.   There are also many fantastic homebirth midwives in the area. I would hook up with ICAN of...
Just wanted to say that I am going to begin offering placental encapsulation services along the Gulf Coast starting very soon. I am currently a birth and postpartum doula.   -Angela
Thanks ladies! =) Nice to meet you.  
Hello Everyone,   I am a long-time member of Mothering but I haven't spent a lot of time in the tribal forums. I don't really have a question, but just wanted to post a hello and introduce myself.   I live in Alabama and work full-time as a Childbirth and Postpartum doula in both Mississippi and Alabama. I have lived in the south all of my life and I am the mother of four beautiful children. Before becoming a doula, I worked as a middle school teacher in...
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