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I love my MIL, although she does a lot of things that irritate me, she is a good person compared to a lot of people in our families.  My FIL is my problem.  He definitely makes my skin crawl at times.  He lives with us at the moment and though I rarely see him the few times I do are usually frustrating.  He has a lot of major issues.  He drinks too much, he lives in an alternate universe, he is very condescending towards me.  I am not even going to get into all his...
They don't pay for it in MS and haven't for a while.  From what I have been told they tell you at the doctor's office on the first prenatal visit and have you sign some sort of form that you have been told.  I am glad more states are starting to drop this from medicaid. 
Congrats =) ! I wish my first labor went that quick and easy.  Heck I hope my upcoming labor goes that quick and easy ;). Can't wait to hear more!
Yeah I am there too.  Some days I get excited but this baby came as a little bit of a surprise to us.  I wasn't quite adjusted to having three yet when I found out that we were having number four.  Then with the holidays, work, everything- there is just too much going on right now! But I think I will be ready in a few more weeks.  The holidays are going to be a big hurdle for all of us I imagine.
Glad to hear that everything is good. =)
That's how mine have always been at the start.  It doesn't always turn out exactly like they say in the books, to say the least.  Sounds perfectly normal to me.  Call your MW and let her know what is going on. 
My MW told me to carb load before the three hour.  I didn't do it because I didn't really understand why, I thought it seemed like a bad idea.  I wish I had looked it up.  I failed the 3 Hr too, so go figure.  After I failed I have had two months of perfect readings at home just by cutting out sugar from my diet, so I haven't been too worried about it, in my case.  I hope that you pass it though.  Good luck!
That's really rude.  I hate those comments.  Even the people who say things about my belly being small come across as rude to me.  Consequently I have had one random person tell me I was huge and then another tell me I didn't look pregnant at all, in the same day.  I don't why people think it is OK to say anything they want to a pregnant woman regarding the size of her stomach.  So crazy. 
Well I am of the opposite when it comes to sleeping.  First barely coslept with me, second never slept with me, third is still sleeping with us.  We discovered we really like cosleeping.  So with this babe we are.  I think overall I have flip flopped on different things.  I definitely wouldn't say I went more one way or the other, it was different things for different babies.  I didn't cosleep with DS1 but I wore him almost constantly unlike my others.  I didn't wear DS2...
I went at 7 months and had a pretty good time.  All the rides that are not OK for pregnancy are marked.  However, the first trimester is so exhausting.  If I knew I was pregnant I wouldn't ride Splash Mountain but there are plenty of other things that I would be comfortable.  Most of the rides at Disney are so calm.  
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