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Thanks for your reply! We've seen our pediatrician quite a few times about this, and when DD was younger and had her first UTI, she had the full workup- ultrasound, VCUG, MAG 3 Renal, etc. We repeated the ultrasound this time and all was ok. We've also been doing some blood work and urine tests and our pediatrician has been talking to urologists and nephrologists. So far everything has checked out normal (aside from the original bacteria). Thanks!
anyone? thanks!
Jeannie, I don't visit this site much but I saw your post tonight and wanted to reply. You are doing a *great* job of being a kind, loving mama to your DS. My DD #1 is 4.5 now and she and DH are both introverts. I've learned a lot being her mom and DH's partner. What you wrote about your DS reminds me a lot of her when she was a bit younger. One of the most helpful things I did was to tell DD over and over, "I love you just the way you are." It was good for her...
I'm writing this here even though DD is just 2 because she's been out of diapers, even at night, since she was about 18 months old (long story, but it was her doing...just ditched the diapers and wore her big sister's old underwear). In the last few months, she almost never (once a month?) had pee accidents, and maybe one surprise poop a week. She got a UTI about 3 weeks ago, and it took 2 courses of antibiotics to clear it up. While that was going on, she went...
I have a 2 year old and 4 year old. We never buy juice (except occasional carrot juice) and I try to avoid the kids drinking it much at all (though they get OJ on plane rides, etc). In my opinion, it's sugar water, even if it's natural. My kids eat lots of fruits and veggies. I just searched for articles about why juice is junk but didn't really find anything. Am I over-reacting? How do you view juice? Any great articles to share? Thanks!
Ohhhhh, lucky me! Thanks for all of the great feedback. I forgot to mention that I think that when they move out of our room, they'll opt to sleep together. I can't really imagine them moving out but I guess they will one day. I'm in no hurry, though I am ready to not have 4 people's dressers and clothes in our bedroom! I like the idea of not assigning a room to a child and let things float as they will over time. I'm sure that they'll want some say in decorating...
We're thinking about remodeling our home and I'm not sure what to do about kids' room once they leave the family bed. We have a 4 year old DD and almost 2 year old DD. Their personalities are very different- DD #1 is easily overstimulated, likes to concentrate on things, needs her own space. DD #2 is a wild thing. They love each other and love playing together, but DD #1 wants more space for uninterrupted projects like art and puzzles. I think she'll be the kind of...
Is Florida warm enough then?
Thanks for the ideas!!!
Ok, this is funny. I just tried the thumb game with DD, but quickly realized that it wasn't quite working right. Just last week DH taught DD the names of all of her fingers, so instead of saying "finger" she'd say "index!" and "ring!". Luckily a thumb is just a thumb, or in this case, a "fumb." She can do it if she really tried to say THumb. Hee hee.
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