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I know this is an old post, but I had a question. I love Waldorf, and use some of the principles in our homeschool. My nephew is starting at a Waldorf kindergarten in August. I already knew (and understand) the typical dress code about characters, etc. They also have a rule that you can't (for example) have a single graphic like say a star on your shirt. It has to be a bunch of stars. They said another child might get jealous and say they want a star on theirs. My...
We had my dd evaluated at age 4 because she was getting frustrated that people outside the family couldn't always understand her. She has a frontal & lateral lisp, and some other issues. I am so glad we had her evaluated. After asking a million people in our various homeschool activies, we found a great lady that comes to the house. She works mostly with homeschoolers because she says they actually do the daily practice needed. She teaches me how to work with her, and...
Singletons were 9 lb 1 oz, 9 lb 9 oz, 9 lb 10 oz Twins born 39 wk 4 days were 8 lb 8, and 8 lb 12
With my first 3 children, I never quite lost all the baby weight. Now that I am breastfeeding twins - I lost all the weight plus 2 pounds now at 8 months. I lost all the weight at 7 months (51 pounds). A couple more pounds and I will be at my perfect weight!
We sleep with a twin sandwich here too One on each side of me at night. They nap during the day on the same bed but not touching. My dd would tend to just roll over her brother if given the opportunity. He doesn't like it.
Mine are 8 months now. I had over-supply issues with my first 3 children. No problem with supply now with the twins. Sometimes they nurse together, sometimes they don't. I just go with the flow. I will say the weight loss has been fabulous! I never lost my baby weight so quickly as I have after the twins were born I am so glad I was able to keep them in until almost 40 weeks. It was sooooo hard at the end, but made nursing so much easier I am convinced.
Quote: Originally Posted by vermonttaylors My father is a really famous conductor and his theory on teaching kids is that they have to really want to learn. Am I the only one wondering who he is?? btw, I agree with your father. They always do better if they ask for the instrument and want to do it.
Little ones can do great on the violin as long as you find the right teacher. Ask if they have had Suzuki training. Not just use the books. I think you can get away with it on piano, but not on violin, imo. Ask what books they are certified with. If they say Book 1A, 1B, then you know they are a newbie. I think it's nice to space out starting the next instrument so you aren't a beginner on both at the same time. I had a lot of students play both violin and piano. ...
Not religious. We love it. We do supplement with more experiments, though.
I was so excited to see a Suzuki thread. My background - a Suzuki violin teacher with a Masters. I studied Suzuki teaching with one of the founders of the American Suzuki Assoc. She was one of the few who went to Japan in the early 60's to observe and learn from Dr. Suzuki (Louise Behrend if you are interested). I am a violinist, not a pianist (only accompany my students). A few thoughts about the method - some of this info may not be accurate for present-day Japan...
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