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Hi everyone, Ksenia's sister here...I'm writing an article on the science behind a gluten-free diet. Can any of you offer anecdotes about going gluten free? Has it helped you or your kids? Please PM me if you have any stories to share. Thanks! Adriana (Commercial Drive-based mother of Forest, age 3)
I'm not divorced but I've been thinking about this lately because of a friend's situation. She and her husband were both initially keen on AP (co-sleeping and breastfeeding till age 4+, homeschooling, etc.) but as time went on, he began to resent sharing his bed and waking hours to this extent with the kids. He spent more and more time outside of the home to support the family while she withdrew from the workforce and approached parenting as a vocation and an artform....
Thanks for all the insights. Given my inexperience with older boys, maybe I was overly concerned about the possibility of the younger kids being hit.
I think I was disturbed mainly because the object used for hitting looked like a real axe and even though it was made of wood, the edges look pretty sharp.
What do you do when another kid is aggressing your kid in a public play area - especially if the other parent isn't dealing with it? Yesterday I was at a park and a child was running around waving a large wooden Viking-style axe and pounding the play structure with it. The parents sat on the bench and watched, smiling. I thought it was an inappropriate toy for a public play area and didn't like my two-year old watching the aggressive behaviour (especially when the dad...
I read an article saying they're a lot more common than most people realize. The media focuses so much on women aged 38+ who are desperate to get pregnant that many women assume they're infertile after 40 and get a little casual with birth control. I'm 39 with a 20-month-old. What's it like to suddenly get pregnant in your early 40s?
My mom had one and apparently it's more common than most people think. Check it out: http://www.more.com/2037/2476-surpri...ancy-over-40/5
Hi, I just read online about a new study that found a link between colic and male depression during the mother's pregnancy. Has anyone heard of this before or noticed their guy was depressed before or during their baby's colicky stage? Here's the article about the study: http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/...ic-babies.html
Are any of you going through menopause at the same time that your kids are entering puberty? As the 39-year-old mother of a 18-month-old, I realize that will be my fate. What's it like, and more importantly, is it really that bad? I ask because I am considering having a second child (if my fertility permits) and I'm hoping for a sense of what I might be in for down the road...
Hi everyone, I saw this in the New York Times: "A British research firm is reporting that the average weight gained during pregnancy is 14 pounds — and that’s by the babies’ fathers." It made me laugh...my son is 18 months old and my husband jokes that he's finally back to his pre-pregnancy weight. Does anyone else have a hubby who got tubby - also known as "couvade syndrome"?
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