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Thank you again.  It looks like we found her some help that she will likely accept. Someone she's worked with before who is so far from touchy-feely.  Fortunately, she left on a school trip just a few hours after we spoke. It's given me time to process my feelings and I'm sure taken some of the charge off of it for her. I don't know how ingrained the habit is...I've seen what I finally realized were indicators of purging probably since the beginning of school. She...
Thank you. Of course I want to trust her word that she'll stop. She said she just experimented with it. I'm just not sure. We have a family friend who works with teens. He knows DD well. I've asked him for a referral.  I feel responsible. I have seen signs of her having an unhealthy relationship with food for a while. I just thought that by modeling healthy habits, not getting in her face, things would work themselves out. They haven't.
So I finally put some pieces together and figured out my 16yo DD is purging. This afternoon, after much internet research, I gently but directly asked her if she was doing it. She said she was. She also said she'd stop. She doesn't want to discuss it further and pointed out that if I hired any "fucking touchy-feeley therapist" there was no way she'd talk to them. Thoughts? I'm particularly interested in hearing from mamas who  purged as teens and recovered....
My son began street performing when he was 6...supervised of course. He's 14 now and stills performs. He also works a few nights a week in a local restaurant. DD worked in the same restaurant last summer. When she was 15. They enjoy the autonomy making their own money gives them. During the school year, I limit their work hours to weekends. Neither one of them have had much interest in babysitting either.
I haven't read every reply but I think it's sweet. Especially if he has younger siblings. For goodness sake, how could it do a 12yo harm to have fantasy in his life? I know lots of kids this age who do RPG and are totally into it. Easter Bunny/Santa...some freakish Laura Croft(?) character... Embrace your kid being a kid. Ypu're doing a great job if your "tween" is still embracing the world of imagination.
Having been in theatre and the restaurant biz where sexual harassment and misconduct are the norm, I'd advise you to act now. I hate  that this kind of behavior is still just part of the culture of theatre or anything else. I experienced so much ass grabbing,  boob rubbing and crude insinuations because it just "came with the job." I felt humiliated, demeaned and objectified. There was no other way to survive in these fields than to either ignore it  or embrace and...
Thanks. I must have written the original post in my sleep...so many typos. uhg.
AKA TIMSS...has anyone's kid taken this? My son's 8th grade class has been chosen to participate. They just spent 2 weeks taking the f$%^&ing sate standardized test.  I have the can opt him out...it's a 3 hour test. He doesn't want to take it. DH (of course) thinks test taking is great skill to build and that DS should take the test. My main question is: Am I being irresponsible towards America's public schools by opting him out? How valuable are the results? We all...
Hold On To Your Kids Boys Adrift Beyond Logic, Consequences and Control
Well, out of his mouth. My youngest is nine and still sucks his thumb. He's the baby and has been SO much more indulged and coddled than his older siblings. Tonight he has surgical tape on his thumb. His big sister was enamored with her thumb but quit cold turkey once she got her first loose tooth. I'm not sure what to do here. Thanks all. PS He does need to quit. We've had a consult with a very conservative orthodontist and it's time.
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