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My ex  quit paying child support about 2 years ago. He would give a little here or there but not on a regular basis.. So, I went to DCFS to have them garnish his wages and basically document his nonpayment. I filed with them in July (Aug. 7 was the deadline for filing if the state was going to withhold 2010 tax returns). He has not paid yet- apparently he quit working but now goes to school full time.  His driver's liscense will be suspended Feb. 9. I got a letter saying...
$8800... and somehow got his driver's liscense reinstated w/o paying anything. We go to court in March because he is in violation of the cs order. (I turned it over to the state in July and he has not paid anything- this amt. goes back couple of years.) So, the state is taking him to court and I am required to be there.
Earth Fare carries the Natural Awakenings.
Not that I know of~ but I know of several people that do not vaccinate, I just don't know who their ped is. I would think you could find a family doctor and just not vaccinate.
I teach middle grades and my dd is in elemetary school She goes to school in the county that I teach b/c where we live the school system is horrible (I taught there for one year). There are few jobs that offer the benefits that teaching w/ children in the same county provide. Financially, I carry the family health insurance. I have so many sick days a year that carry over to the next year if I do not use them all. I am in instant contact (email) w/ my dd teachers. I...
Dr. Reginald Pilcher 1115b Garredd Blvd Augusta, GA 30909 (706) 854-9416
My midwife is also a doula. She was offering both services but I believe that she is primarily acting as midwife. No, it was just my mom, husband and midwife at the birth. And it was a water birth which I really wanted. You have to do a lot of work in Augusta to get the birth that you want. I hear that there are several good doula's in the area. You could contact BABE (better augusta birthing experience) or even go to a LLL meeting (LLL doesn't promote hb but the people...
We are following Dr. Sears alternative vax schedule and have not had any problems with our pediatrician Dr. R. Pilcher in Augusta. He and his nurse practitioners have worked with me. While they are pro-vax, they have cooperated nicely with alternative/ delayed vax schedule. We have had no issues with my uncirc'd son and retraction or that we had a home birth.
I honestly don't know. I have an gyn that I found afterwards but he isn't an ob. I had a midwife and a homebirth in Augusta though.
My sister is expecting her first baby in March. She is currently looking for a doula. She asked me about With Women, LLC in Denver. Unfortuneately, I live in Georgia so I am not much help. But I know the wonderful women on this board have helped me in the past (so much so that I got a home water birth in Ga!!). Is there anything you can share about their services or any doula in particular you would recommend???? Thank you so much, Ryder
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