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doulanichole I pm'ed you Ryder
I'm looking for a midwife in ga. I really want a homebirth with midwife for this baby. I had an ob/hospital birth with my first and would like to do a hb this time.
My dd is going to be 7. I am going to take her to Carowinds in North Carolina. I think that we can make a nice compromise with the rides.... I don't want to tell her about the baby until a little later.
Hello I wanted to introduce myself... I tested + today and am in shock. I am a single mother (not so much single anymore) to my almost 7 yr dd. With my dd I had a wonderful pregnancy, delivered on her due date and with an ob/gyn. I want to do things differently this time around regarding the ob/gyn. I do not know of any hb midwives in my area. I am currently 4 wks1d- when do I need to find/ meet up with midwives for an appt? when do they typically want to meet with...
Thank you for the replies. I have been really worried about the paint issue since there was nothing I could do to change it. I can still avoid roller coasters though Thank you Ryder
I have just tested + (about 3 hours ago). This is a shock. Anyway, I have been painting my new house and the cans have warnings about painting when pregnant. Do you think I've done any harm? Also, I was planning on taking my dd to a theme park for her birthday next week. At 5wks1d can I still ride rollar coasters????? Thanks, Ryder
Unless she is pulling on her hair, I don't think that it will fall out. I have been a hair twirler all of my life and it has not fallen out. In elementary school I had a teacher who "thicked" my hand when I was twirling my hair. My mother came to the school and had a few words with the teacher and I was not "thicked" again. I have noticed that I continue to twirl when my hair is short so I don't think that length of hair is an issue. I would not give this behavior any...
I teach full time, single mom full time and went to grad school part time. I finished in 2 yrs (this month). My parents have helped me out tremendously! I took out student loans to complete my masters but my parents watched my dd for me while I took classes and wrote papers. Hope this helps. Good luck.
thanks! it was set to advanced and i changed it to FAM. that's what i thought too. thanks again!!!!
FF changed o date from cd 10 to cd 21 based on temperatures. Does anyone know why it did this and which day did I O????? Thanks Ryder
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